Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick sick sicky

Hello blog world, sorry I've been gone. Not only have I been incredibly busy (more pics on that later) I am also very sick. Today I called out sick and had high hopes of resting in bed till 9 or so and getting up and cleaning the house, meeting Jerad for lunch, and working out.

Well after 10 hours of only leaving the bed to throw up or blow my nose (see ya later fun plans), I asked Jerad if he could bring home some Canada Dry ginger ale, sourdough toast, and minestrone soup. Those along with Kern's peach nectar are my staple "sick" foods that I can't live without.

FINALLY Jerad got home and walked into the bedroom with these

and said "I thought I'd bring the Church to your hospital room." I laughed and asked him what he was talking about. He told me since I couldn't leave the bed to see the world, he wanted to bring a piece of it to me.

Then he walked out and came back again with these

He said he talked to the pharmacist who said that it sounded like the best thing for me would be lots of rest (check!) and Cepacol to calm down my throat (check!) Since we had both of those he brought me something yummy to chew on that calms throats.

Then he walked back out and brought in this

"A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed!"

Then he walked out again (by this time I was feeling like it was Christmas) and brought in this

saying, "I figured I would make you a bubble bath and you would want to relax and could catch up on the Heidi and Spencer drama."

"OR if you don't want to rest since you've been resting all day, I got you THESE to play with!!!!"

Oh I love this boy and I am gonna miss him something terrible while he is in San Diego this week.


Jerad said...

you crazy bumswaller i said "i brought u these to church up your hospital room" love u still and ill miss u too

Steph said...

"bumswaller?" really? REALLY??? just cause you write it doesn't make a real word:)

Anonymous said...

You hang onto that guy-he's a goodun'!

lucinda said...

i wish i could get pampered now that im sick. but instead i have a sick baby to take care of. bummer. oh and thanks again carter for speading your sickly goodness to everyone. :0)

beth mcdermott said...

Wow. And I got all excited when Tyson had cleaned the kitchen after the dinner I made for him when I got home from the gym last night. Props, Jerad! Nicely done.

.heidi.noelle. said...

What a keeper!! Sorry you aren't feeling good, but what fun surprises :)