Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friends don't let friends blog drunk.

I really don't drink very often anymore. This may be why:

Mar 14 2008 10:32 PM:

beth i was sooo excited to read your blog but its BLANKI. oops i meant blank. well i had some drinks. quite a number actually. yummy mojito oneys. onews., AHHH ONES. i thunk theere is something wrtong WRONG with my kepyboard. its not typing the words that are in my brain. or my eyes. whatev, you know what im saying right? thats right. it was fun playing todai thanks for the pizza. mmm i want more pizza. who was the guy that alwasy.. said 'pizza pizza''. do you know what ijm meaning? oi i mneed to spot steep STOP writinjg this may be embarrasing. whoa i do not know how 2 speel that word. um i think im board. l;ike a bored. oh guess what jeradthewonderful made me the new desk... its beautiful and white. you will have to see it maybe on tuesday when we curve it oin up. on up. curves. workout u know? okay have a great night and say hi to tyson and ill see you soon bye bye
Translation from a non-drunk perspective:

Hi Beth! I was all excited to read you blog you were talking about but you haven't posted it yet! I'm just relaxing at home having a few of those Bacardi Mojito drinks. I think I'm already a bit tipsy because I am mis-spelling like no other. It was fun hanging out and I loved those mini pizza's you made us for lunch. Speaking of pizza, I have serious issues with the Little Caesars guy. I better stop writing before I am crazy enough to post this on your page for everyone to see. Jerad put together our new desk, I love it! Maybe you can see it when we workout at Curves tomorrow? Have a great night, say hi to Tyson and I'll see you tomorrow! Bye!


They basically sound the same right?

These are the bottles that hadn't made it to the trash when I woke up the next morning. Don't worry, I had help!

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