Monday, March 10, 2008


We decided that 2 big dogs in the kitchen was not only unheigenic, it was downright annoying. So, we put up some "do not cross" tape lines and they caught on pretty fast!


Me: "Babe??? Have you seen Winston?"
Him: *shower water running* "um... why?"
Me: "Tell me he's not in the shower with you."
Him: "What, he wanted to!"

These next pics are when I was trying to find my memory card adapter awhile ago. I was looking under all the furniture, and the dogs started doing it too. I don't know what they tho0ught they were doing, but they looked under the couch, other living room furniture, and the bed.
This one looks like Buddy is wearing my flip flops!


This last weekend our pups bff Baby Belle came over for the weekend. I think our dogs are still worn out!

Belle was nice enough to help me clean out my closet.

On Saturday we left Bailey and Belley home for some girl time and took Buddy with us to SLO. We stopped at Laguna Lake dog park where he promptly found the mud. This is after most of it came off.

Awe, what a cutie. I'd like to point out that he has moved all the towels off of the seat and is laying on the only unprotected part. Thanks pup.

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beth mcdermott said...

I thought MY husband was weird for eating cereal in the shower. Strange, Jerad. Very strange. Good thing you're such a thoughtful caretaker to your sickly girlfriend, otherwise 'showering with animals by choice' might be a deal braker...