Monday, March 3, 2008

How to seem busy on a Monday...

What? This cant be right:
41 words


I am a fast typist! Although, it did have 100% accuracy... hmm, I'll try again.

45 words

59 words

Speed test

well, that was a little better. Click here and post your results!

If your Monday is anything like mine, here are a few more things to keep you occupied.

Click here to be directed to the Bureau of Communication with all sorts of fillable form funness (thats a mouth full). You can find a Declaration of Romantic Intent, Airing of Grievance, Statement of Gratitude, Unsolicited feedback, and many more. Heh, I plan on doing a few of these today!

There is also this:


Not sure what the name of a song is?

Use your computer keyboard to tap the rhythm of the song. will help you find the name of the song. Its fun, its easy, and thousands of daily visitors find it very helpful.

All you have to do is tap the song rhythm and SongTapper does the rest. After tapping is complete you will see a list of matching songs. If we can't identify your song, you can teach our system by entering the song name.

The song tapping wasn't working for me at all till I tried "We Will Rock You." Either I'm mostly tone-deaf (tap-deaf?) or I was picking too obscure of songs. Let me know how you do!

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