Tuesday, March 25, 2008

update on the ex-mom

So for t hose of you that read this post (click here) and are wondering what happened.... you will have to just hold your horses and keep wondering. Since it was Easter weekend we mutually decided to hold off and now we are both so busy that who knows when we will get together. Probably about 3 weeks at least.

The bad news is I have 3 weeks to be nervous, and the good news is I have 3 weeks to loose 20 pounds, finish my degree, get my house lick-ably clean and cure cancer so I can feel like I've made something of my life. haha just kidding... kinda. I love my life. Sometimes I just look back and think of where I could be if I had made different choices. Probably everyone thinks the same thing. In the meantime I am more than happy just being me:)


.heidi.noelle. said...

:) thanks for the update.

lucinda said...

dont stress out about it. you will be great. just be the funny, charming, silly person you always are. and dont worry about what she said before.let it roll off your back.