Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Share the love!

Clearly people are reading my blog. These are the stats from my tracker:


Average Per Day50

Average Per Visit1.9

Last Hour4


This Week353

so.... why do I get no comments? Heidi and Beth are pretty much it with an occasional Flo, Lucy, Lucinda, Jill or Melinda thrown in there.

Maybe people feel weird commenting to someone they don't know? Well, if that is what you are thinking don't worry about it because I am the queen of blog stalking and read a lot of blogs that I don't personally know the author. Just thought I'd throw that out there:)


.heidi.noelle. said...

Question...stalker here...well not really because I know you :) but to the point...how do I get one of these tracker things??? I have always wanted to know how many people are actually reading/looking...

Steph said...

well, it depends on what kind you want! on the right of my blog is the Live Traffic Feed box that shows everyone the people that come and go, and you can just click the "click to get feedjit" link at the bottom.

then I have a site meter one (its under the "stalk us through myspace" links) that shows you really deailed stuff, like what pages people viewed and what their monitor resolution is and stuff like that. you can go to sitemeter.com and it has instructions. that one is kinda tricky but I love it.

Beth McDermott said...

awe now you sound as needy as i am! haha were bad for eachother...