Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aliens have abducted my boyfriend

Lately we have been going through a rough patch... its not that we've been fighting a lot or anything, just more of a "blah" patch. It seems like we are both sooo busy all the time yet never have time for ourselves or each other. We have just sort have been coasting if you will.

I feel like the only time we get out and do something FUN is if I ask or organize it. I am always the one that plans our date nights. I not only love planning, I love effort. Effort wins BIG points with me. I don't need a fancy dinner out and diamonds each week or anything, even a walk to the park with a picnic at the end will float my little boat. Or a phone call saying "don't make any plans tonight I want us to cook dinner together." Whatever it is it makes me really happy if I feel like he was thinking about me and decided to do something sweet.

After being together 2 years I have decided that Jerad is the kind of guy who will be just as happy if we are sitting on the couch watching CSI as he would be if we were on the most elaborate date you can think of. While in some ways this is nice, it also sucks because since he is happy doing whatever he isn't compelled to plan things very often.

Until lately.

On Valentine's he planned this elaborate dinner cruise in Morro Bay and got me a new laptop... we didn't end up going on the harbor cruise thing, BUT he called and had all the info and the foresight to tell me to get off work early and dress up.

Then, a few weeks ago when I was sick he brought me all sorts of goodies including a US Weekly which is one of my guilty pleasures that had a cover story about Heidi and Spencer from The Hills, which is ANOTHER of my guilty pleasures.

For Easter, even though we get each other anything, there were all sorts of presents waiting for me when I woke up that were from all sorts of places. Totally thoughtful! The bracelets he got me were something I said was cute as we were walking by in Target MONTHS ago and he remembered!

Today he told me to skip my workout because he had a surprise planned. I of course beat him till he told me what it was asked him to tell me. He heard about this really pretty place where there are a TON of wildflowers and wants to pack a picnic dinner and ride the motorcycle out there and I can take pictures of the flowers. This might not sound that romantic to you, but I was sooo happy. This last weekend when he was washing his motorcycle I told him I really wished we would go for a ride before the weather started getting too hot. I have also been complaining that I haven't been taking pictures like I used to. Also men planning meals is at just about the top of the "list of most thoughtful things ever" in my book.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited. Its so nice knowing that he thinks about us and is putting such an effort into planning these little things for us lately... hopefully he wasn't really abducted by aliens.

Although that would make for an interesting blog...


.heidi.noelle. said...

have fun!!

Steph said...

thanks, hopefully I get some good pictures!

Jillian said...

okay so I just decided to pop in and check out your page...I read this and then the one about seeing how many people check the page...and decided to make you happy and leave a there it is, happy?? Just Kidding...really though I wish some of that would rub off on Marlon...I would love to go on a picnic or Christmas present was the best thing he has done and it was great...I just miss time together!

Steph said...

Thats what I am always telling him, something THOUGHTFUL means so much more than something expensive! Like your locket, that was the sweetest thing!
And I thought I should write a nice blog so that when I post my next one complaining people will know that I say nice things too haha

Beth McDermott said...

thats my motto... blog it when you think it, because next thing you know theyre back in the dog house... HA!