Monday, March 3, 2008

What my hunny bunny has been up to

(And no I don't really call him that). What does Jerad do on his "day's off" lately? Oh he, you know, builds houses. What can I say, handy guys are a big turn on for me:)

He is also in the process of painting our piano black with an antique white crackle. I can't wait! Right now the piano itself is in about 5 pieces, and all the keyes are taken off and are in a box. I didn't know piano's had so many pieces! Hopefully its done SOON! That's easier said that done though what with our whopping 1.5 hours of free time a day. Normally we use that to you know, eat, remember what eachother looks like... that sort of thing. That said I would way rather have a bomb-ass piano than know what my boyfriend looks like. Thats what pics are for right?!? Just kidding;)

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