Monday, March 3, 2008

Hi. I'm a creepy stalker.

So, there are alot of weird blogs I post about Subway. (Click here) I don't know if its a weird Subway, or if I just bring these types of things on myself.

Today I was 15 minutes late getting back from lunch. Why you ask? Because there was this crazy lady with a little teeny weenie laptop holding up the line. She was sending emails in the middle of telling the girls what to put on her sandwich. Whenever the employee would ask what she wanted on her sandwich, she would yell at them that they were breaking her train of thought and to GIVE HER ONE MORE MINUTE. So, it took a LONG time.

Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to be a total creep and sneak pictures of her! Is that against the law? Hopefully she doesn't read this hehe. Anyways, at least you will know that I don't make this stuff up.

This first one is of her shaking her fist and yelling at the Subway girl to be patient:
This next one is her typing on her computer while filling her soda. It went like this: fill 2 seconds, type 2 seconds, fill 2 seconds, type.....
This last one is the people in line making horror faces in the background cause they couldn't believe the craziness either:
It was kind of hard having a little photo sesh with someone who didn't know that they were supposed to be posing. I was very sneaky about it though... I don't know if that makes it better, or worse. You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Wowwwwweeee.I think blogger fever awakens the creepy stalker in all of us. And if anyone is creepy, its ms. workaholic. She was practically auditioning for candid camera, she just got what she was asking for. A good journalist just gives voice to the stories waiting to be told... haha.

Steph said...

haha yeah it was too good not to. Besides, I used my phone so its not like people knew what I was doing:)

Also I forgot to add that Ms. Workaholic was wearing bedroom slippers. Didn't seem to go with the crazy business attitude.

Jillian said...

Okay that's just rude! I definitely hate the cell phone talkers while in line anywhere...but geez. And if I was the subway people I would have said, "oh I'm sorry that I was BOTHERING YOU", and precede to move on to the next person in line...ignore her like she ignores them. She either needs a new job or she was completely in tuned to whomever she was chatting up, probably a guy!

.heidi.noelle. said...

Wow! I would say you have to be kidding me, but from the evidence you for sure were telling the truth!! I am still speechless...I think you should become a detective :)

Steph said...

Haha thanks:) Yeah it was so weird. She was acting like she had some high profile job but
A) She was in TEMPLETON. and
B) She was wearing a red cotton shirt, jean skirt, and those really hairy/fuzzy slippers.

bethy said...

just saying hi since i came here to blog stalk you, and you know my presence via tracker ANYWAYS, so no hope in sneaking out undetected. hehe.