Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tearing things down

Last weekend Jerad and our neighbor Tom tore down the old fence that was between our lot (and rental lot) and theirs. It was a loooooong fence. That ditch you see was just a little part of it:

They also took out all the posts. That were in a massive amount of concrete. Those are in the front of the pic above.

Next to the rental house is a tree that was cut down 4 years ago, then grew back as a bunch of little trees. It is right where the ditch for the concrete retaining wall will need to be, so jerad cut it down.

The plan was to rent a stump grinder to remove the stump... then it turns out every stump grinder in the county is broken, so Jerad and Tom had to do it the old fashioned way. With axes, shovels, and a truck. You know, cause we were fresh out of oxen and all.
I supervised:

Okay, no I did not stand there and micromanage. Tom just thought it would be a really funny picture.I didn't get a pic of them actually pulling it out because for most of the time I was covering my eyes. The truck would swing towards the house and I was 99.762% positive that it was going to hit the house. Good thing it was the rental house and not ours! (ha, jk Melinda)

Anyways, it was a grueling allll day project but they were pretty proud when they were finished. And pretty sore when they woke up. Well, Jerad was, I didn't go knock on Tom's door at 6 in the morning and ask, I'm not a creeper like that.

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