Sunday, July 6, 2008


So... I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and waiting for the washer to finish while JERAD is at the grocery store... getting the whole week's worth of groceries... without a list... by himself! I don't think that has happened, hmm, ever?? Maybe once when we were first living together and he was still trying to impress me.

He had to make a trip to OSH to pick up a valve-thingamajig so the new toilet could flush and sink could drain without flooding the floor and I joked that maybe he could stop at the store since he would be right by Trader Joes and we needed groceries. He just said "oh, okay, we need orange juice too I'll get that while I'm there. Can you make a list?" I told him I was just kidding and we didn't need a few things, we needed EVERYTHING and he said he was still up with it.

I gave him a general idea of what I usually get and told him that I usually spend $80-$90 for the week.

If nothing else he will probably have a little more appreciation for the meal planning, label scrutinizing and thought that I put into grocery shopping and maybe not take it for granted that groceries just randomly appear in the fridge and cupboards each week... or he'll think "piece of cake" and can just take over the shopping for all I care.

Hopefully he doesn't just come back with 7 bags of meat and cheese. I should have thought about this a little more. I kind of vote that's what happens, lots of weird man food, he forgets things we need, and spends twice as much.

I don't care I was way more about watching Bridezilla's than shopping tonight. Oh man, that blonde one, how in the world can he be marrying her for the second time???? Run awaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! And how dare they stretch it out into a third week?!? Grrrr.

Update: He spent $88 and did pretty well. He got more "convenience foods" than I do for lunches, but oh well... we can have a week off of packing lunches I suppose. No fruit, only green beans and lettuce as far as veggies but otherwise pretty good. And he did try to read the labels... for some weird reason he got me the Trader Joes version of crunchy cheetos and thought I'd be really excited about it, oh well, he also brought chocolate soy ice cream mmmmmm. WAy better than I was thinking!

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