Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second Thoughts

Hmmm, so now that I ordered the new medicine cabinet, I of course found another one that is cheaper and has matching furniture.

I LOVE distressed furniture! And I think it would break up all the white that's going to be in there... and one of these little cabinets could go in there too... which means more surface space to decorate... ahh what to do what to do?

Which do YOU like better? Two of those, or this one:
Keep in mind the bathroom will be looking sort of like this:
Except the wall with the sink does not have nearly that much room. The wall opposite Jerad built a 10'' alcove were the toilet goes and he is building 3 shelves into it up high for towels and such. The one cabinet would even fit over the toilet (it is 26" wide and the alcove is 36") and only stick out 2" past the wall.

The 1/2 wall of beadboard you see will be painted white, with the drywall above it green to match the opposite wall. The taller skinnier cabinet could fit between the door and toilet where the wall juts out, or on the wall down from the toilet and outside of the shower like I did in the other bathroom:

Either cabinet could fit there. Ahhh I don't know. I don't have to get a cabinet either(it would be more floor space if I didn't and less to dust cause Lord knows I will decorate the top of it)... I could just get the cheaper medicine cabinet. Or keep the one that is on order. Then again, storage space is always nice, and besides the few shelves Jerad is building there is none at all.

Feedback people!

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The Bitchy Wife said...

OMG you have to go with the second one!!! It is so adorable I am in love and extremely jealous and then if you buy it, I can sneak into your house one night and steal it...oh I've divulged too much perhaps...I mean if someone else stole it, you shouldn't file a police report 'cause maybe they were poor and they were going to sell it to feed their children or something...or maybe they just thought it was really really cute and wanted it...either way.