Thursday, July 24, 2008

What you miss by not being on my gChat list:

me: So, I started tanning in anticipation of flashing my boobs at Toby Keith right? Now I'm thinking BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!

Melinda: why?
oh did you burn them????

me: I should have gone the opposite direction and gotten as white as possible. duh.

Melinda: oh yes, and they would have looked bigger and been more visible....yeah. hmm, i wouldn't have thought of that either. although i wouldn't have thought of tanning my boobs in prep for flashing either...

me: yeah they would have glowed in the dark! now they will blend in. damn. I need glow in the dark paint.
If they were BIGGER i could write a good message on there

Melinda: ok here is what you do: you get some glittery powder and put that on the suckers. and then you can even kinda create the shape that you want to . ooh, glow in the dark paint wokrs too!

me: wait... whats wrong with the shape of my boobs?

Melinda: nothing!!!

me: great, the wrong color. the wrong size. AND the wrong shape.
I'm screwed.

Melinda: but you can make them look even bigger. optical illusion@
oh gosh, go blog about it :)

me: yessssssss!
then he will probably invite me back to his tour bus.
and I can say "sorry pal, I'm saving myself... for Ty Murry."

Melinda: hahaha! oh poor jerad.....

me: Maybe Toby Keith reads my blog. and will be LOOKING for my boobs? jk
oh dang. Jerad's coming.
I'll have to drink a lot of beer to have an excuse

Melinda: we have to work out a distraction

me: Oh, I've got it
I'll bring a picture of a tractor

Melinda: yes!!! give him that and then while he is looking you can flash to your heart's content!

me: yeah he wouldn't even notice. Or is I was like "look, doesn't that guy operate a (insert name for really heavy piece of equipment here)?"

Melinda: yes! and have him wear the robocop glasses again then he'll have an even harder time seeing. you can flash with impunity. your plan is coming to fruition!


Haha happy Love Thursday everyone... and no I won't really be flashing anyone anytime soon. Besides, our seats aren't close enough and it would be pointless. Unless I can get on camera... hmmm... heh heh


The Bitchy Wife said...

OMG I can't believe you actually blogged that! Besides being really embarrassed by all of my fast-typing typos, I am just cracking up over here. Now everyone knows about our sillyness and how we spend our work days! Like all day, every day. Do you remember the conversation about Fergie's voice failing and having to go up on stage and sing for her? Or you getting "snaggle tooth" out of the picture and having Tye Murray's baby? Oh man...

Steph said...

Um... I have NO idea what you are talking about...

I have to go now...

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What a wonderful resource for blogging, I'm going to have to remember that!

Jules said...

"No I won't really be flashing anyone." ya we believe you