Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Progress...

So, our tile now has grout. Yeay!

Tobee supervised the whole process...

Jerad built a cabinet around the hot water heater to hide all the whatnots. He is going to put the thermostat in the door all fancy-like and paint it all purdy.

Finished tile:

Finished the drywall and mudded the wall. Installed the door, trim, and window trim.

Installed all the baseboard, wainscoting, and chair rail around the room (I LOVE it!)

Put corner bead in all the corners, wood filler, spackling, caulking and all that fun stuff to get ready for paint!!!

I picked out the colors and hopefully after work today we will paint and be able to put the laundry room back together how it should be. Right now my washing machine is out on the back deck attached to the garden hose and draining into a pipe that goes down onto the sidewalk... niiiice. And Ghetto. Anyways, hopefully after today I'll have a functional, clean, beautiful laundry room again!

This is the view from the bathroom looking into the laundry room.

There is some drywall up, it just needs more screws, tape, and mud. Tonight while I paint Jerad will work on that then move on to getting the hardy on the floors, tile, toilet and sink! What, we can USE the bathroom soon? I'm going to die. we are saving the shower for last cause its going to be a biatch.

I made some progress over the weekend. I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom. You know, one of those cleanings where you take everything off of every shelf and dust every nook and cranny and rearrange it just perfect, wash the curtains, vacuum under the shoes in the closet... yeah, one of those.

The construction stuff has been driving me insane. That is an under statement, I really can't think of a word strong enough... I am usually a clean freak. Well, as soon as a dust, a new layer appears. Within minutes. No joke. Also, this is what my guest room used to look like:

And this is it now:

Yeah, I'm hyperventilating as I write this.

Remember 2 weeks ago when I wrote that the new toilet we bought was in my living room? Yeah, still there! And now it has more construction crap friends.

Hi, this is my cute hallway:

Look down a little bit and there is some of this goodness:

Seriously, EVERYWHERE that I look there is crap. Extension cords. Power tools. Heck, there is tile stacked on top of our dog kennels. Omg, I was going to post pics of what our back yard looks like (where Jerad has just been throwing all the lumber scraps) but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I neeeeeeeeed this to be done. It is driving me insane. I am getting so stressed. I can't have anyone over, I can't keep anything clean. AHHHHHHHH! Hopefully soon. Also, all the dust has made my asthma come back full force. I had to start using my inhaler again and have random asthma attacks. Sweet. I am the kind of person who just wants to stay up till 4Am every day till we can get this done, and Jerad doesn't mind the mess (or even notice it) so he just wants to relax and pretend the whole project is not happening. Hmmm.

I keep telling him that this next coming weekend is the LAST weekend we have to work on it. After that he is gone all weekend for Promise Keepers, then we start the big fence project with our neighbor, and rental house. We wont be able to work on our house, and our neighbor needs Jerad to work on the fence, and Melinda and Larry can't move in till their house has a floor... So, whether he likes it or not we are going to be having some late nights. Plus, every week that he is working on our house we are loosing about $400 he would be making in overtime and other stuff... so clearly this needs to be wrapped up. I need to see Toby Keith or I might die. And no one, and I mean no one, deserves to have a toilet sitting in their living room.

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Beth McDermott said...

wow, tile is HUGE progress! i like that youre the kinda push up your sleeves and get dirty kinda gal. if you want somethin done right... right?
looks like its comming along! soon it will all be a bad dream, that ended with a brand new shiny back house! luuuucky. the yellow paint inmy kitchen still has un cut trim and needs another coat in most places. you will ambition award.