Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girls (and boy) Night

Since Danielle was down visiting from Oregon, we decided to have a lil girls night and go out for some dinner and drinks. Jerad and Danielle are weirdly kindred spirits, so he came along also. So, we met at Tahoe Joe's where we had a great time and probably should have tipped the poor guys who had an adjoining table because by the end of our meal he had overheard WAY more about us that I'm sure he ever wanted to. Oops... After we said good bye to Sheryl, we headed downtown because you know, who doesn't go out to the bars on a Tuesday night. These guys do:
(Notice the new hair color)

Anyways, no I am not that much of a lush and I much prefer wine, but it was my little present to Danielle. So, we hit up the Library for their 2 for 1 drink specials. I ordered vodka and soda water. This is what I got:

those are pint glasses my friends. who makes them that big? especially for $5.50... for both??? anyways we had a great time even with the creepy lakers fan jersey-touchy boy...

I think I got to sleep at about 2am. Alcohol wakes me up now for some reason. I was really happy I got to see danielle (and sheryl).

Until 6am this morning when my alarm went off. As I tried not to vomit in the shower, I wasn't quiet as happy at danielle... who goes out drinking on a Tuesday?!? I am much more of a weekend wine taster these days:) My hard liquor days are fading fast...

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Girl, I so hear you! I used to could drink/hold more of my liquor any night of the, I have three drinks, I am hung over from hell....I too much prefer wine though...or a snazzy martini. Looks like you had fun though...everyone needs to go out mid week, to break up the routine, from time to time. Hope you recovered quickly.