Monday, June 9, 2008

Construction updates

Here's some recent pics:

Looking from the laundry room into the bathroom:

From the bathroom into the laundry room:

Installing drywall:

Installing hardybacker for the tile:

Tile in progress:

The laundry room tile (minus the grout):

and another shout-out to Joey who was here till late last night helping Jerad with the hardy board and tile and is here now along with Brice and helped finish the laundry room tile. I think right now they are helping fix my drains. Yesterday for dinner I made pesto pasta and a artichoke dish. well, I put all the tough outside artichoke leaves down the garbage disposal. Hmmm... it turns out that it just chops them into a really course grass like material which them completely clogs the entire drain and all the drainage holes in the garbage disposal. I didnt want to bug Jerad who was working away so I tried to be efficient and clean it out myself, but since it was all stuck down in the pipes too turns out that my spending like 30 minutes fishing my hand down the drain did nothing. And then running the dishwasher afterwards... BIG mistake.

Anyways, also the bathtub in our other bathroom has always had a problem draining, such as it slowly fills up while you take a shower. So since tiling our 1953 non square house in a diagonal pattern and making it look it look like it is in fact a square room wasn't challenging enough after a 10 hour work day, he decided to fix both. Hmmm, i kind of love that boy. Its really nice having a live in handy man. Maybe I should give him a back rub tonight or something?


Beth McDermott said...

ohhh, jerad... WHAT A FREAKING MAN!
i think if you guys havnt broken up by now, its DEFINITELY forever... just the THOUGHT of remodeling our house makes me want to call tyson and tell him his bags are packed and the locks are changed... ;)
looks amazing, its totally coming along. way to go, guys! i know its hard work laying tile, but being the cheerleader can also be way under rated.

Steph said...

ha! yes being the cheerleader is underrated! also not only do I cheer and boost his man ego, I do not complain when they lay dirty tools on my bed or track mud through the house or that I can't walk around in my underwear cause I have a house full of random boys. hey, im making sacrifices too!