Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi its me...

... I haven't seen the light of day in while. I've been living in a sawdust/drywall dust covered house never to see the light of day again. I've just given up on cleaning pretty much all together because 10 minutes after I dust of vacuum everything is once again covered in a film of construction dust again. Niiiice.

When we decided to start this project we were like "oh, it will be so nice, all we will have to pay for is the materials, Jerad can do all the labor for freeeeee." Which is true... um, what we didn't really take into account is that most of the money he makes is from working overtime and doing side jobs on the weekends, not his actual 40 hour a week job. Wellll the only time that he has to work on this little project is when he would be working overtime... or on the weekends. Plus as its dragging on and on plans that we had made are getting closer and closer so it is getting to be crunch time. In a few weeks we have a friend visiting from Oregon, its my dad's b-day, 2 baby showers, then Jerad is leaving for a few days for Promise Keepers, then we are gone a weekend for the Water Slides and 4th of July weekend, then once again we are seeing a bunch of concerts at the Fair then its my Birthday and we are planning on having a Memorial Day par-tay. PLUS, July 1st us and the neighbor are starting our huge fence and retaining wall project, and July 2nd our tenant moves out and we have to rip out the carpet and install new flooring so my sister can move in.

Basically our next few months are packed so if we dont finish our little projects, we are screwed. So, we have been working till late every night. Well, Jerad has. I offer moral support and make dinner, brownies, and cookies as needed. Joey, Brice and Larry have been such huge helps and there have been many nights where Joey has been there till at least midnight. On the days where Jerad is alone, I try to keep him company and hand him things. I am so freaking sick of Home Depot though, let me tell you. I think we are a few hundred dollars away from being finished... I hope at least. When we decided to start out this little project (naive little children that we were) we though that it might cost us $2000. Well after adding up all our receipts we are at 3 times that right now. BUT we decided to re-do our laundry room as well. And that includes the new Kitchen appliances. A lot of that is Jerad's fault too:) he he opted to tear out a few walls and just re sheet-rock them instead of patching the drywall and there are some tools he has bought that we didn't need. Hmm... now that I think about it I know we have gotten things from OSH and Hewitts and I dont have those receipts so maybe we have spent way more. Who knows, equity right? Whatever, there is an end in sight.

We have started on drywall and tile and HOPEFULLY will be done in a week or so. Or two. Two weeks tops. Two weeks or I'm breakin legs and takin names. I am once again sans washer and dryer because they have been moved outside so that the floor can be tiled. Moved outside with a load of clothes still in the dryer. A load of my favorite clothes. Then about 5 pieces of Sheet Rock stacked in front so I can't get to it. Hello, "rock" is right in the name, there is no way I can move it. Thanks guys:)

Hmm.... maybe I'll take these 18 Home Depot receipts and fill out the surveys and win a $5000 gift card and get a hottub for the back yard. Niiiiiice.

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