Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh weekend of wine tasting, how I love thee...

There really isn't much to say... you guys get the idea by now. I went with Beth and Ty, Austin and Tiffany. We hit up Tobin James, Penman Springs, Clautier, and Eagle Castle. Fun times were had and lots of wine was drank.

The way the day started:

And the way the day ended... for me at least:
and don't worry, that bottle of wine is not open. I did not come home and drink MORE:)


Beth McDermott said...

bwahahahahah. i love sleeping-it-off-stephanie. and me and tyson couldnt stop laughing the other night about that picture of us in the head thingy. frickin hilarious... specially a few stops in... ;)

.heidi.noelle. said...

You love this place don't you?? :) I have to say every time I see the wigs I giggle. Looks like a blast!