Monday, June 30, 2008

My Self Indulgent Weekend... oh wait

This last Friday and Saturday Jerad and Beth's hubby Tyson went to Promise Keeper's. I was so excited. I'd get some quality alone time, and Jerad would come back recharged and extra lovey. I pictured 2 days of sleeping in, dinners consisting of waffles with freshly whipped cream, strawberries, syrup AND powdered sugar. Yes you read that right, I guess I'm trying to make myself diabetic.

I knew that Friday afternoon I was working a few hours at Beth's daycare, then I thought I'd take the dogs to the park or river or something to wear them out so that I could spend a few hours getting the house spic and span that evening (and with Jerad gone it would stay that way) then watch hours of something ridiculous like Lifetime television and take a bubblebath and read from a girly favorite like Pride and Prejudice before going to bed early.

Apparently that is my dream if I get alone time. Because I am a 40 year old cat woman.

Saturday I could feed the dogs (who wake up at 6 sharp), put them out then go back to bed and wear my PJ's around the house (another guilty pleasure). I could sort out my closets since most of my clothes don't fit me anymore. Instead of working on the yards in the blistering heat like I have been, me and the dogs could catch up on my tivoed programs like Sex in the City reruns and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and I could color... because apparently I am also a 10 year old girl. Thats okay though, because 40 and 10 average out to 25 and I turn 24 soon so at least thats close right?

The cherry on the top of the plan was to have a "man dinner" waiting for Jerad when he got home like some sort of meat and potato thing... which is a BIG thing for me to do because touching raw meat literally makes me gag. I can eat it, just not touch it raw. Anyways make that and a yummy dessert and I wanted to buy him a new glove since he is playing softball and his glove is better for baseball.

Well.... of COURSE things didn't work out that way.

I totally forgot about the garage sale that I knew I was participating in for probably 2 months now... I think I even blogged about it. The week before my much anticipated "me time" it clicked that I wouldn't be having all the time I was planning on. Oh well, garage sales are only a few hours right? Like 7am-11?

On Friday Jerad left bright and early as usual for work (he didn't have to leave for PK till 3) and I didn't have to be at Beth's till 10 or 10:30... I get a call at 8 that he forgot his phone and really needed it right that minute. Wonderful. I am still in my pj's and I agree to come as long as he PROMISES to come out to the car and get the phone himself so I don't have to walk through the various buildings looking for him, I pull a comb through my hair, look in the mirror and just give up, throw the dogs in the car and leave.

You are waiting for the story to go horribly awry and 100's of his coworkers to see me looking like a bed head in a nightie and flip flops huh? Don't worry, my pride was saved, he immediately came out to the car. That would have made this blog way more interesting though... I really have no idea why you are still reading at this point hahaha. By the time I got back to the house and finished washing and packing what he needed I was already running late for Beth's. Oh yes my friends, I am the kind of girlfriend that washes, folds, and packs for her boyfriend before trips btw. Not only packs, arranges things by matching outfit.

I "worked" at the daycare for 4 or so hours that just FLEW by. I seriously can't believe I get paid. The time that Beth is there, its great because there is the two of us so more adult to child ratio, and I get to visit with her at the same time, and then when she left to run a few errands the kids were sleeping so... yeah. Nice. And, I love kids so again, its like I get paid to play with them. I'm suuuuuure it would be different if that was my only, full time job, but a few hours once a week I love it! I really don't feel like I do anything, but she always tells me I am a help, so... that's good I guess.

From her house I went over to my sisters to organize and price my garage sale crap that Jerad had dropped off the night before. Hmm... I forgot how much there was. I have been making a pile in our basement since we moved in almost 2 years ago... Then there is the entire set of furniture that used to be in my living room before we got new furniture: 2 couches, a papasan chair and footstool, another chair, a big coffee table, plus the vanity sink that was in our bathroom and medicine cabinet. And since everything had been sitting in the basement so long it was COVERED in dust. I had to clean each and every item. Hmm... Basically, I was there for another 4 hours.

Side note, it is harder to get Jerad to part with things than... I don't even know. There is no comparison. Than a dog with its tail? It was bad. We were going through the basement and closets and I would point out that he had three of these, or hadn't used something in over a year and I thought it was time for it to go. Well he is one of those "I might/maybe/could possible/someone I know/could meet might need it some day" people. This is my favorite conversation we had:

me: babe, what about this broken weed-eater thing? why do we have this?

him: It's not broken, it just needs a new (something)

me: um... we just bought a new $280 weed-eater. lets get rid of this one.

him: it has a perfectly good 4 stroke motor!!!!

me: what the heck do you need it for?????

him: I don't know yet, I might want to build something later and could use the motor. besides, you could only get like $5 at a garage sale. Do you have any idea how much it would cost me to buy another one?

me: APPARENTLY $5!!!!!!!!

In case you are wondering, yes we still have a broken weed-eater sitting in our basement. Its okay though. I guess its really valuable. Or something.

I finally pointed out that I was getting rid of so much compared to him and it wasn't fair so he better start coughing up some junk or I'd do it for him, especially since the plan was to buy a TV that HE wanted. Then he said "well, who would get the TV if we broke up?" Yes. good logic to bring up to your over-tired girlfriend. Ass. When he saw my death glare face he took it back and decided that there were a few things that he could in fact live without and I was just asking him to get rid of things that he didn't use, or had a bunch of when he only needed one or 2.
Okay, end side note.

I got home and had time to feed and throw the ball for the dogs, water the plants, get together a few more things for the sale and go to bed. No waffles. No Lifetime. No Bath. No book. No fun.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30AM. Ya. I got ready, loaded my car, and headed over to Atascadero to help set up. Long story short, every time we thought that people were done and we could pack up, more people would show up and start buying things. I think we finished at 4:45 (the last hour or so was cleaning up). The good news is, I think I made somewhere around $700. I sold a few things after the sale too that counted into that. So, now I have more room in my basement, and made a bunch of money for stuff that we weren't using.

I got home and had just enough time to take a shower and straighten up the house before Jerad walked in the door. Not quite the relaxing self indulgent weekend I was hoping for, but at least it was productive which is more up my alley anyways...


Beth McDermott said...

All I can say is... I think I would trade you in a heartbeat for what my Tysonless time ended up looking like. Why does it never go like you think? I almost want him to go away again just so I can finally take that bubble bath and read the people magazine that is now 3 issues old like I had planned... maybe this time I should send the kids with him! HA!

Steph said...

We are such idiots, next time, the boys watch the kids and pets, and you and I have a spa weekend. I think THAT sounds like a plan!!!