Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updates/Clarifications on recent posts

Mmmk. I have gotten a few emails which makes me wonder if other people have these questions too so we will have a little clarification sesh:

1. My post about breaking up with my friend: Right after I posted that I got a message from her that was really nice and mature and said that she had felt that we were growing apart the past few years and was sorry that our friendship was ending but hoped we would be able to be civil when we ran in to eachother in the future. Good, that is exactly what I wanted too!

When I posted that blog, I was prepared for a lot of negative comments. I didn't really get any. Yesterday I accidentally clicked "refuse" instead of "post" on an anonymous comment that read something like "I too think you should delete this post and move on with your life." I bet I can guess who it is from, which doesn't really matter but I would just like to say that I NEVER delete posts, or comments, and um, I have moved on with my life. The only thing I have EVER deleted was one comment that I wrote to Jerad, as a joke.

I think deleting a post would mean that I am ashamed, or sorry, or embarrassed, and I'm not. I fully admit again that yes, this was not the tactful way to handle this situation but really, I was at my wits end.

Honestly, I tried a little. I didn't copy it only my myspace page where we have lots of mutual friends who would have seen it. I didn't put any names, or the names of any places or event's (besides Hallmark).

I wasn't trying to hurt anyone, I was venting... on my own blog. I didn't post the same message on the person's page who it was about. If this post and the comments it got (and still is getting) bothers you, stop checking back and reading it, but I'm not going to delete it.

I don't delete old posts about Jerad and my arguments, or stupid things that I do. This is a diary of my life, and the feelings and events in it and I want to be able to look back on a complete picture, not an edited version which is why I made an effort like I said, to leave out names and events. Looking back, I will remember what it is about, but hopefully it will be more vague to the people not involved.

I'm not saying that the things I do or say or how I act are always right. Um, FAR from it. I'm 23 and can be quick to react at times. And I want to remember that when I'm older and hopefully wiser.

2. The post about Jerad and my ridiculous argument: No Jerad does not EVER throw things, or knock things over, or ever do anything remotely like that... thats why it was so immature and annoying/out of the blue. And I am OBSESSED with pickles. Dill pickles. I could live on them. Seriously. Dill pickles and cheese. Mmmmmmmm.

3. My last post reviewing the week in pictures:
Softball-Jerad was going to play the last game of the season, and has signed up for the next season which starts July 17th.

Babyshowers- yes I had three babyshowers in one weekend.

After I posted the pictures of how my pepper plants and tomatoes had grown, a deer ATE them. I am so freaking pissed. One of the peppers is missing all but three of its leaves, and one of the tomatoes is looking pretty bad too. Stupid deer. Everyone thinks they are so cute and cuddly. I live IN TOWN, I shouldn't have this problem! Breaks my heart. Jerad moved everything into the back yard last night... which broke his back. And that was WITH a hand truck. Maybe I put too many rocks in the bottom of the wine barrels? The dogs better not mess with them while I'm at work today...

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lucinda! said...

could you have bought a little tomato cage type thing with smaller holes? that should have worked right? so that jerad would have had to move them. thats something to look into. 3 baby showers in 1 weekend is crazy. at least all you had to do was show up with a present. no planning or decorating involved. oh and if people dont like what they read then they shouldn't be coming to check what you wrote. i agree that its YOUR life unedited, not theirs.