Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm not dead after all

So, no posts for awhile. The something in my laptop is broken that makes it work with the internet. Sounds technical huh? Um, the Dell blah blah blah card. I think I need to download a driver... but how do you do that when you can't connect to the internet?

I have a ton of pictures to post... our desktop works... but everything is on my laptop. Well, I guess I could always use that blue cable thingy to connect to the internet... or transfer the pictures to the desktop. But I am pretty much to busy/lazy for either so until Jerad fixes it, no pictures for you! And we have been making so much progress inside that there is no way I am going to interrupt him to fix my silly little computer.

Lets see, we have moved the air conditioning, started the electrical, framed the wall between the laundry room and bathroom, got all the hot water heater stuff in the wall how it should be, started the plumbing, bought a toilet, and I'm sure a few other things I am forgetting. We also had to take a slight detour and build a 30ft long 6ft tall fence. Tonight hopefully we can finish the plumbing and electrical and maybe start the bathroom floor. By the weekend we should have all the plywood down for the floor, and drywall on the walls as well as shower curb framed.

Thanks Larry, Gary and Joey for all your help, and Brice for your help on the fence... even though you mortally wounded me. I'm really happy that all the guys have been helping cause it means I'm not. I have been grocery shopping, cooking all sorts of things, cleaning the house, and gardening up a storm. Sunday I spent alllll day outside clearing off most of the Morning Glory's and Honeysuckle and Ivy from our back fence and planting Sunflowers. I can't wait till they grow. Now that I have plants inside, and outside in the front, and back, and side of he house, watering is becoming an actual chore. The good news is everything is doing really well. most of my herbs have doubled in size and 3 of the tomatoes as well. One doesn't seem to be growing as fast, I think maybe its not getting enough sun? Hmm I have no idea how you sat through this whole boring thing.

Point of the story is, hopefully I have some pictures or something soon.

Oh, and our tenant is moving out July 2nd. Did I tell you this? We own 2 lots... the 2nd is a rental. Wait, I think I do have a pic of this...

Okay, this is our backyard (when we moved in... it is not this new looking anymore:)
See the little house over the fence? Its on the 2nd lot, and we rent it out so we can you know, afford the mortgage:
Its a really cute little place, just 1bedroom 1 bathroom, living room and kitchen and a washer dryer in the bathroom. The rooms are actually way bigger than they are in our house since its about 600sq ft, and ours is 1100 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big hallway, mudroom and laundry room all smooshed in.

I love love love our tenant. First of all, she doesn't feel like a renter. She is more like a neighbor. We NEVER see her, and she pays her rent about 2 weeks early. She never complains, is super quiet, talks to our dogs through the fence, and keeps her yard beautiful. Her house has a seperate entrance on another street so we really do never see her. I have been freaking out that it will take us a long time to find another renter... and when we do they will be crazy high maintenance and make us miserable. Plus she has been there for like 8 years so it is time to remodel the inside of the house. New flooring, paint, blinds, baseboard, ceiling fans, faucets, refinish the cabinets, that kind of stuff.... so more time we were going to be going without the rent.

Then my sister mentioned that it would workout perfect for her and her hubby to move in. Hmmm. We have been getting along really well and they could move right in and help with and live there during renovations. Sweet. And that would solve the problem of worrying about crazy meth lab tenants or worrying about people throwing dog poison over the fence. Plus when we are out of town they can water or plants and feed our dogs and vice versa. SWEET.



Sounds like your sister moving in would be the perfect solution..it is such a cute place!

Melinda said...

Oh, I just don't know about this whole being neighbors with your sister thing. What if she asks you to watch her pets like a lot? :)

Steph said...

Oh look you got brave enough to come out of the woodwork and comment MELINDA. Um, dont worry, after all the new appliances and everything I want to do I'm sure we will be way to broke to take any vacations for a long time haha. And usually we take the dogs with us:)Its the deaf cat you've got to worry about. I'm throwing it over your fence whenever I'm sick of it. That thing is LOUD.