Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathroom Progress

Finally it is seeming like things are moving forward. This has been what our guest room has looked like:
Um, yeah, that would be a washer and dryer. Don't you think it goes with my shabby chic motif?
Finally, on Tuesday after work, I began to have a floor again. Thank God! Or thank Jerad who worked very hard:
The dogs were not thrilled to be baby-gated out:
By the end of the night he had 2 layers down, it feels so much stronger than the way they did the old floor. And it still gets one layer of something else then all the tile stuff also. He also hooked back up the washer and dryer so I have laundry again, YES!
Tonight we are hoping to make big progress and by the end of the weekend have walls framed and drywall up. Things never seem to workout though so we'll see;)

1 comment:

Beth McDermott said...

hats off to handy manny, that is a BIG undertaking and he is really plowing thru it even tho it seems slow to your ocd-ness...
its going to look SOOOO FANTASTIC. when its done, can we come over and eat off the floor? ;) maybe we could invite cameron diaz... ha