Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Help Me.

Okay, the first winner gets a prize mailed to them... no joke.

My new phone came today (yeah, less than 24 hours, crazy huh?) ANYWAYS... I have a LOT of contacts in my old phone. I would rather not re-enter them. I would really rather not pay the $10 fee to have verizon do the little data swap.

My old phone has bluetooth. my new phone has bluetooth. my laptop has built-in bluetooth. Does this somehow mean I can get the stuff off of my old phone and onto the new one? Easily? If you want to tell me how, that would be swell. And leave your address and I'll send you a surprise. HELP ME!


AGSoccerMom said...

Are you kidding? When did they start charging $10. The last few phones I have had they did it for free. Yikes.

AGSoccerMom said...

ok, I just got off phone with them. Not happy about the $10 charge. But there is an option to use your current phone download something called "backup assistant" from get it now that cost 1.99, and you back up your phone numbers on website then activate new phone and down load numbers. Or pay the dreaded $10.
Either way it's a pain in the butt.