Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bathroom remodel, Phase 2

Jerad made some additional progress this weekend on the bathroom. Last weekend, the shower, tub and sink were ripped out. This weekend, with some help from my brother in law (who was also wonderful enough to take my car to SLO to have it serviced, THANKS LARRY!), Jerad ripped out the floor, hot water heater, wall... yeah:

This kind of scared me... I wasn't expecting any holes in the laundry room... um, I guess we will be painting in there too!
The new, totally efficient, tankless, TINY, hot water heater:

Our fabulous, white trash, parking jobs. Jerad was classy enough to park my car... on the lawn... then Melinda is angled like 15 feet into the street. Niiiiice.

Jerad and Larry worked till around Midnight and accomplished a lot... however, we were still left with no hot water on Sunday because the gas lines had to be hooked up, so it was cold showers all around. The new hot water heater is going in a different spot than the old, plus it has to be vented through an exterior wall instead of the roof because the tankless get so much hotter.

He couldn't steal the gas pipe from the dryer because the previous owners had just ran it from the hot water heater (which is now gone) and layed it along the ground... yeah. So, in the interest of doing things RIGHT, there was no quick way of having hot water.

Sunday, after working 7 hours in the 100 degree heat... on a metal roof... doing a torch down, so probably about 160 degrees, seriously, jerad came home and crawled under our house to set up the gas and water to the new hot water heater. At least its cool under the house! Bailey was super stoked she could crawl under there with daddy:
Buddy decided to just scope things out from above. It was like a 2 foot jump down between floor joists which didn't seems appealing.
Bailey going under the house:
Buddy trying to figure out where the feet are coming from:

I took these pics at about 3:00. After this there was a 3 hour trip to home depot. Then Jerad was under the house until 12:30 AM... yeah. And we STILL have no hot water. We didn't even have WATER in the house till 12:30. The house is so old, things aren't so easy. Probably why the other owners just layed pipes behind things and such. I don't know exactly what went wrong, something about a concrete wall he had to go through, and a floor joist he had to go around...

Then he scares the crap out of me because he will be under the house with a sawzall and I am standing on the floor above him telling him where things are and thowing things down to him and he will be getting ready to cut gas lines, which already freaks me the heck out and then make a comment like "I hope there's not a fire!" NOT FUNNY! I don't know if I should run away or what... so I ask him what to do (because I watch a LOT of home shows where stuff like that does happen... mostly cause those people are idiots) and he tells me) "well, the water is shut off so there is really nothing you can do." Nice.... I'm just glad he's not an idiot and besides turning off the gas, opened the pipes up for hours before he cut into them. Hopefully today after work, and our History final, we can

Speaking of things that end up taking forever, back to this pic:
Okay, in the floor, in the upper hand left corner, see that big pipe? That is the toilet drain... everything ties into it. Yeah, it has to move. To the bottom right. Hopefully that isn't as bad as it sounds. Thank goodness we have a old house on a raised foundation or what a nightmare!

Speaking of nightmares, how the hell do you cook with no water or gas? I was going to make us dinner last night. Yeah right. My plan was to make this ground turkey italian thing... Can't use the stove, its gas. Okay, I'll just do pasta. Oops, no water to do the noodles. Or gas to boil the water or cook the sauce. Nachos. Nope. Okay, grilled cheese... Sauted veggies? Can't saute them! What is super low maintenance... soup! Crap, goes on the stove... wait, can't you microwave it? Oh, that takes water too... Finally I found some little Microwavable soups.

Normally I would have more things that don't require cooking, but since we lost our fridge, I am still slowly restocking and haven't gotten a lot of the luxuries like hummus and lots of veggies and dips and fruits. As I write this NOW I can think of a bunch of things I could have made, but at the time I was stumped. I should have made a bean dip. We have salsa, sour cream, cheese, beans, and chips. DUH. I think I even had left over bbq'd chicken in the fridge that i could have warmed up.

Well this week promised to be a busy week, we have LOTS more work on the bathrooms, finals at school, both have big projects going on at work, my new appliances are delivered Thursday, Dog obedience graduation, company this weekend, a dinner party on sunday. Plus I am thinking that someday we are going to get a call or text from Jerads sister saying that she is in labor. And Jill, I know you are reading this. You better at least text me when you go to the hospital. Or have you mom do it. I am going to be mad if I find out way after the fact that you gave birth :P

Haha every time I try to get a hold of Jerad's mom and she doesn't answer I am always like "do you think you sister is in labor? Do you think Jill had the babies?" And Jerad tells me no, if she was in labor we would know about it but personally I would NOT want to tell everyone because I would not want them showing up. Which is why I'm throwing out there that I will not come stalk you at the hospital I will just be super excited for you from home:)

Okay, on with the week! AKA my salsa blog...


Jillian said...

okay so my dad is totally the type to call everyone when the time has come, so I am thinking that at least a call or text will happen from him or my mom...and then I'm sure follow ups and such...they will be too excited not to tell you, oh and I will probably be busy, but visits are totally welcome!

Jillian said...

okay the stupid thing didn't tell me if my comment anyway, here it is again...I am going to make a list of people to be texted or called so that my dad or mom can keep people posted...and then visitors are totally welcome!

Beth McDermott said...

Thats all i can say... I am twitching in OCD cold sweat drenched nightmares right there with you. But your bathroom is going to be SO FREAKING HOT! Head between your lets, breath in, repeat 'its just a bad dream, its just a bad dream...'
Also... hopefully this wont be helpful advice because you'll be hot water/gas functional by the time you read this, BUT. Tyson's parents remodeled their kitchen, and they set up this TOTALLY CUTE little picnic area on their back porch for a week or so that was a coleman stove and a lantern and a stack of paper plates and drinking water... just a thought.
SALSA! Yummy.
cant wait.

Steph said...

oh my gosh beth... we have (I kid you not)6 coleman stoves... some of them have automatic ignitions. Why the heck couldn't I have thought of that??? We have cold water now, and I can LIVE with the cold showers, but not being able to boil water or cook anything on the stove top is KILLING me.

THANK YOU!!!!! ha I am such a airhead. he is just about done (so he says) setting everything back up right now...

what is really freaking me out about the bathroom being torn up like that is the thought of spiders just being able to crawl in. I am deathly afraid of spiders. ewe ewe ewe.

Enjoy Being said...
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