Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm just sitting on the couch, being a redhead, waiting for Jerad to get ready. Sometimes I wonder if that man is a woman. The plan was for him to get home and us to rush to home depot and pick up the stuff we needed for phase 2 of the bathroom remodel.

Well, he needed a shower. This is a 45 minute ordeal for him. I don't know what he does in there. Seriously, I can shampoo my hair twice, condition, shave my legs, exfoliate my face, soap up and rinse in 15 minutes... and he takes 45 to shampoo and use a little soap. Wow.

Then I finally thought we were ready to leave because he said he knew what we needed at Home Depot. It turns out that means he has to make drawings and lists and measure... this has been going on for another 45 minutes. I think my stomach is starting to eat itself I am so hungry.

While I whither away I thought I'd show you a few of my plans for the new bathroom, ooh he is done so I'll rush:

We are doing the floor to ceiling beadboard like in this pic, in a similar color. Instead of the bulbs, I have little vases with bamboo. Similar mirror, lights, pedestal sink:
I bought these posters at Ikea:

Oops, I forgot to post, I saved by mistake. We spent like 2 and a half hours at home depot and he decided that he wanted to come back TOMORROW to get everything, just get the tankless hot water heater today... I'm confused, the whole reason he had to go tonight was cause he has someone coming to help him tomorrow so he didn't want to have to go to the store. Oh well.

Oh, and after spending $1000, we grabbed the wrong hot water heater. Bitches.

Remodels suck... I just can't wait till it starts looking like a real bathroom.

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