Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Rocks?

Whats my prize for going down a bra size and my butt flattening out youout ask? Why, this cute little mug and tea! I was a top looser again, and I was measured 9 days early. Go me!!!

Here is my prize from being the top loser the month before. I Bumper sticker and little bear stocker with a "#1" on it. Jerad really wanted me to put them on my car... seriously. And when I wouldn't he insisted on putting them on the fridge. Cause we are that classy. At least he's proud of me. Or just consoling himself that his girlfriend is becoming flat-chested and flat-assed.
My doctor banned me from working out or any kind of extended cardio till they figure out what the deal with my heart is so I haven't been in a week. Bleck.

1 comment:

Beth McDermott said...

im kinda sad sad i never let them weighand measure me now. i love prizes. gimme yours. now. or i will break up with you.