Friday, May 16, 2008

Red Head

And thats that!

This is just the color it came out after the black was stripped out, so I just had her color the roots and thought I'd go red for a few weeks till we strip it again... I should be blonde soon.... in the meantime, this is what you get. PS, HATE the cut. Oh well, it was $44 for the color correction, color touch up, and cut. I'll take it.


Beth McDermott said...

i like the cut!
the color still looks... like fresh color. but its exactly the 2 tone action that mine did when i was color correcting and the roots were light and the tips were darker... then it all evened out after a few washes. i cant wait for blonde stephanie again... my personal fav so far.
all change is fun tho... way to brave beauty school and make it out alive! ;)

Steph said...

the best part was when me and the girl had a little "beauty school drop out" sing along... good times.

im glad it turned out okay. because that whole all students stupervised by a trained professional was crap. the only time the "trained professional" came by was once in the VERY beginning... didnt watch her mix the color or anything...