Thursday, May 1, 2008

beep beep! coffee coffee!!!

Woweeeeeee and I awake this morning! Yikes, I heart me come caffeine. ¡Estoy muy ocupado! adoro café! I don't normally drink coffee, on account of my liking my teeth to stay white and all (well, an iced cup here and there), but today it was that or crawl under my desk and sleep. SO.... three cups later and my hands are shaking and I am ready to go go go.

Well, maybe not. After all, I am writing a blog about absolutely nothing instead of you know; working. Cut me some slack, its my Friday!!! Our Panama office is closed today for a national holiday, which means I can work at my leisure. They are 2 hours behind us, so normally when I get in at 7 they have already been sending me stuff and I am behind and rushing to catch up before they go home. Not today, lalala.

Hmm, can I be anymore boring? Well, last time I checked I didn't have a gun pointed at your head making you read this... in other news, I have been trying to brush up on my spanish skills... its going pretty well... since it is so easy for me to practice every day, and my panamanian counterparts are so nice and willing to help and gently correct me. Speaking of Panama, I think I am going back soon. I miss it. Really the only expense is the plane ticket. I think I can stay in our company apartment, and if not, with one of my coworkers... food there is cheap, and I already have friends there to take me around. I love it there and I heart stamps in my passport.

Okay since I am still on a caffein high, I'll show you some pics from my trip last year. Since they are all in photobucket and huge and I don't know an easy way to resize them... you get the tiny clickable version:)

Here is our 2 bedroom, 2 bath company apartment:

Panama City:

Bed and Breakfast we spent a weekend at:

Swimming Hole:

Festival de los Diablos y Congos (Devils and Dancers). Its an amazing festival celebrating their freedom from slavery, AND one of my coworkers got us special tickets so we got to be right up with the singers and dancers. Wicked cool.

A little boat tour we took around Portabelo bay. That's Diógenes in the front, one of my main coworkers.

Our little group, Rochelle and Diógenes on the left, the 2 people I talk to all day.

Yet another reason to move to Panama.

Bridge to the America's.

Me and Rochelle during the 4 hours I actually worked on the 10 day trip.

The Panarail

Me, Juan (Panama office Manager... I heart him), and Christine my supe.

Lil boat tour

Um, are you jealous yet?

Panama Canal

Getting the necessities at the store

So yeah... I love Panama. They love Americans. They use American money... people are friendly... there is so much culture... and Diógenes promised me that we could go camping next time... yes! Jerad just needs a passport. I kind of want to move there... the cost of living is a bit better:) I'll settle for visiting, hopefully again soon!

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