Monday, May 12, 2008

The one where I complain... A LOT.

I had the WORST weekend. Besides my phone and brand new sewing machine breaking, basically everything else in my life is as well. We had a power outage on tuesday. Well, it broke our refrigerator... I'm guessing... Because of our crazy schedules, Thursday night was the first chance I had to cook and noticed that it wasn't on. Jerad tied all sorts of stuff and couldn't get it to work. Im freaking pissed. We have a nice fridge. Its one of those Samsung ones that has the drawers that will defrost things for you, or you can adjust the temps on. It was really expensive and not old at all... and no one in our county (literally) can/will repair a Samsung refrigerator. except Bestbuy, and ONLY if it is under a service plan which of course mine isn't.

I am so pissed about my stupid fridge. I had sooo much stuff in it. Because we are gone all day and night, it took me 3 days to see that it wasn't working, so everything had spoiled. Frozen steaks, hundreds of dollars of frozen fish that my uncle just sent from Alaska and Panama that he caught, 2 hams! plus about 15 TV dinners that took me hours to make and freeze. You know how gross an ice chest gets after like a day of not cleaning it out? Yeah, imagine a fridge/freezer after almost 3. Soooo gross... a closed environment like that, and it has been HOT in the house... I don't turn the air on while we are out of the house.

I had so much irreplaceable stuff! A sour dough bread starter that came from Pennsylvania settlers that was like 200 years old. The fish. Prize winning cheese from a creamery in Oregon.

When I was cleaning out the fridge, I put all the left-over's containers in the dishwasher and started it then went to start a load of laundry. I came back a few minutes later and the kitchen was filled with black smoke from the dishwasher.I turned it off and then restarted everything and it seemed to be fine. The next day it did the same thing, and before I could turn it off, it exploded water all over the kitchen. Greeeeeaaaaaat. It was pretty old anyways and a bunch of the tines were rusted and it took seriously almost 4 hours to do one load of dishes, so I guess we did need a new one...

Also our oven is not working right, when I was baking cake layers for the baby shower, some of them took 22 minutes, and then the last 2 took 41. Um wtf? The top burners don't always light. We have had a repair guy out 3 times and he can't figure it out. We also need a new hot water heater because the one we have will not meet code if we move it to the basement (not enough clearance) and it would be so expensive to buy new copper pipe and vent it any ways we are just getting a tankless one.

So, all this on top of the $4000 retaining wall we have to pay half of and our $18/ft fence (um, that price is just for the materials... as in lumbar. Maybe it's gold plated?)... plus we are remodeling our bathroom which is already torn up so clearly it has to be finished. Then the dining room, and back yard. This week I have to go have an EKG done for my heart and more blood work. Its not even June and I'm almost at my $1800 deductible for the year. Oh yeah, I am falling apart in case I forgot to mention it lately... CRAZY. I guess this money is coming out of my butt? I'm sure it will be fine but obviously it SUCKS.



Looks like a bachelor fridge huh? Soda, tortillas, coffee, ketchup, mustard and batteries. Haha all stuff left over from parties, and all stuff I could life with out... I miss my leftovers and groceries:(


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about all your dumb appliances. I wish i could do something to make it better :(

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry this is all happening. i wish i could be there and make it all better :(