Monday, May 26, 2008

Wowee what a weekend

Okay, where to start. I had a productive weekend to say the least. Besides being a holiday weekend, school is OVER so I had more free time than I knew what to do with. Plus my bff and her honey bunny and puppy were in town all weekend. Add that all together and You get lots of fun!

Thursday I went to a little estrogen fest at Kari's house with Beth. There was a chocolate fountain, fondue, toenail painting, music, Juno, champagne, and merlot. Could there be anything better? The night ended with me spending the night at Kari's and doing the walk of shame in yesterday's clothes to Beth's house at about 7:30am the next morning. Good way to start a weekend!!!

Friday I layed low and cleaned up the house and ran some errands and played with the dogs. Oh, and washed about 12 loads of laundry since we decided to tear out the laundry room floor as well and my washer and dryer would be out of commission for awhile. Yikes. I was about a week behind because of the whole no water thing LAST weekend. So, it was a little laundromat over at the Brown-Hutchinson household.

Friday night Tina and Tom and Belle got here, yeay!!!

Saturday was a busy day. At 7:30am Alex got to our house to help Jerad with a few things. They worked for about 3 hours while I went and got my eyebrows waxed, ran MORE errands, and put away a few more loads of the laundry. Then Jerad and I met Tina and Tom at Touch of Paso for breakfast. After that we saw the new Indiana Jones, and headed Olive Oil Tasting, then to Penman Springs for wine tasting.

When we got to Penman, they noticed that I had a new hair color, asked where I had been the last weekend and told me they missed me. Hmm, I am so in there too much. Boys and their puzzles, like moths to a flame:

When I went to buy a bottle of wine, they just gave it to me. I guess as payback for bringing in a different group of people at least every other week for the last few months. Ha, thanks guys!

We stopped at Falcon Nest and the boys walked around outside looking at the birds while we went in to check it out... but the tasting was sort of pricey and they only had I think 4 wines on their list, so as soon as the tasting room attendant turned around, we ran away. I guess we will never know if the wine is good or not.

After that we went to Tobin where I apparently have no pictures, but it was PACKED, all three bars were open and Tina and I could barely squeeze in. The boys played video golf. We got our drunk on and decided what we really needed in our lives was some Castle Action, so off to Eagle Castle which is on the west side, but thats okay because they have a moat. And this:

What goes well after wine tasting? Beer tasting! Because "Beer before liquor, you've never been sicker, but liquor before beer and you're in the clear." So, we fell into the later category. Plus we went to Firestone which is right around the corner from my work and I have always been curious about.
After that we had dinner at Artisan which is pretty classy, so an interesting choice for people who have been drinking for like 5 hours straight. It was soooo worth it though because the food was delicious. And we sat at the bar so it all worked out.

Then we headed to our house to grab some socks and have a quick play sesh with our dogs. Then it was off to Rockin Bowl at the bowling alley. We were a little early for the next session so we killed some time in the arcade.

I have no pictures of us bowling... all you need to know is there was 80's music mostly, and a big screen with the music videos. And Tina and I totally beat the boys every game. Ha, its my blog, I can spin things however I want right? Well, after loosing 3 games in a row we decided we were tired and the guys could play and we would watch. So they bowled regularly, and then also under our names with their left hands. They may or may not have beaten our scores with their left hands. Hmmmmm. I think we got home around midnight and I fell asleep before I hit the pillow.

The next morning Jerad and Tom got together at 8:30 to play golf... only the golf course was closed. So, they did the next best thing, went to home depot for hours and got everything Jerad needed to make some more progress on the nightmare that is the back of our house. Then Tom went to spend some time with Tina's grandparents.

Guess what, we have real hardwood floors under our laminate ones. Ha. They probably could have been refinished. In the laundry room it went hardwood, UGLY linoleum, then the linoleum we had.
After Jerad worked a few hours on the house and I scrubbed did lots of cleaning, we had a little dinner party with Tina and Tom, Beth and Tyson. Except Tyson couldn't make it at the last minute. Forget the dinner, the starters are always my favorite part:

One more time to ooh and awe at my new loves. Ahh....
At about 11 Jerad and I met My sis and her hubby at Downtown Brew for karaoke. Good times. It was also packed. Jerad put in a song right away and didn't get to sing it till 12:30. There were a few interesting things... such as nevermind. I can't do it justice without a picture. Forget I said anything. Long story short, group of 10 drunk lesbians on a 21st b-day bash w/ homemade beer hat, and a 70 something grandma grinding with college guys. Hmm. In baggy grandma clothes. That she kept taking layers off of. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Melinda and Larry:


Oh, this is better:
Since we had sooo much fun over the weekend, we decided to work all day long on Monday. Besides, it was a paid holiday, so since we were both "on the clock" we might as well be working. Jerad worked inside all day (and has lungs full of sawdust to prove it) and I worked outside (tanlines and freckles).

We decided that since we were tiling the bathroom floor, we might as well do the laundry room too. And the way the floor was built was kinda sketchy anyways, as replacing it was a good idea. So, he ripped that all out, reinforced all the joists that needed it, and got the water lines all ready for the washer and dryer to hook back up (they will be sitting on a stylish plywood floor for awhile). We were going to have dinner with Beth and Ty since we missed Tyson the night before (and Jerad may or may not have cried a little tear) but we were making such crazy good progress that we rain checked. I hear Beth painted her kitchen though which I am dying to see....
I took all the pots off of the porch, and mopped it with soap and water. Then I washed the front door, front windows, trim, and siding. I re-potted all the plants and put rocks in the bottom to help with drainage like I should have in the first place.
I moved my tomato plants into wine barrels, and got rid of 4 of them because 8 tomatoes is way too many for us. 4 is good, and I picked a mix so yummy salsa. Now I just need to get tomato cages. I also cleaned and returned the pots that they had been in.
You can't really tell in this pic, but I trimmed about 3 feet off of our Orchid tree which really cleaned it up, and now you can mow the grass under it without being attacked by branches. and by "I trimmed" I mean when Jerad was walking by, I asked him to get a saw, then pointed at which branches to cut off.... because they are really big and hard to do and I am afraid of climbing in the tree with spiders.

I also finally got coat of white paint on the legs of the window box which I have been meaning to do since about March... it matches the house so much better now.
Bailey was more than happy to sit and critique.
I also weeded, trimmed all the dead flowers, raked the leaves off the lawn under my orchid tree, watered all my flowers, plants, veggies, and herbs, and added more potting soil to anything that was looking low. I am NOT a good gardener but I am trying hard. I come from a really green thumbed family so I am paranoid that they are going to stop by and see a brown spot on a plant of something so I am very motivated to keep everything very much well taken care of.

This weekend was great, not only did we have tons of fun, we got tons of stuff done! If only every weekend were like this:) Maybe now that school is out, every weekend will be. One can only hope... Speaking of hoping, I am hoping that Jerad's Hvac coworker will come by after work today and move our air-conditioner fan outside so that we can seal up the floor and move my washer and dryer back. Please Gary... I am sending mental vibes your way...


Beth McDermott said...

wow, i think that is the hottest picture of myself i have ever seen. HA!
You and Tina got some ADORABLE best friend pics, Im jealous~!
But not for long... I plan to holla back to your wine tasting and fun blog with some pics of wine tasting this friday with the other cagles. Speaking of... can you tell me a suggested itenerary? I have no idea what im doing, but thats a secret. ;) We are going to Justin cuz i have a gift certificate and beyond that is up in the air.

Lucinda said...

wow. you had a very busy, but very productive weekend. glad to see that the house is coming together.