Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Date Night

Alright, last night was our mysterious date night. I was on pins and needles for days trying to figure out what Jerad had planned. He is normally not the planning type of person. Plus I knew it was in SLO and he said we should dress up. What the heck is on a Wed night in SLO that you dress up for?!?

Jerad really went all out, and managed to keep everything a secret. I love Italian food so he get online and looked at menus for different Italian places and tried to choose a place he thought I would like. He ended up picking one of my favorite restaurants.

After dinner we headed to the real surprise. The Performing Arts Center.
The PAC didn't even dawn on me! The only theatre experiences Jerad has really had are little local things I have taken him too. What was there that night you ask?
Um... pretty much one of my all time favorite movies! I didn't even know that had made it into a musical!!! It was great! We had great seats, and the show was fantastic!

Such a fun fun fun night. And in the middle of a work week too!!! I am so lucky:)

Thanks babe, I love you :)


Beth McDermott said...

looks like a blast!
you look amazing, dress up is sooo fun. im proud of jerad, give him my approval.

Steph said...

i will! i have told him like 8623487624 times how much fin I had (hoping that he does something like this again). also now I KNOW that he is capable of orchestrating this kind of thing. he has just raised the bar haha