Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bathroom remodel, Phase 1

This is our little back bathroom. Operative word being little. There is a shower in it that takes up the entire bathroom

You might not even know we had a second bathroom because it is in such a strange spot. To get to it, you have to either walk through the guest room and into the laundry room and its right on the left, or through our room and through the laundry room. So, basically everyone that visits uses the hall bathroom.

There is a crack in the bottom of the fabulous fiberglass shower that the previous owners never repaired, so the floor has been rotting out. Also the back bathroom is the only room in the house that still has old pipes in it, so if you don't run the water for a few days, it will come out rusty. I am only 5'2" and the shower head is to low for ME. So, there are many reasons why it is time for a bathroom remodel.

We decided to move the hot water heater that is right outside the bathroom so that we could push the bathroom wall back into the laundry room giving it a few more square feet which would make it a decent size. Here is our progress so far (and by "we," I really mean "Jerad" because so far I have not helped with anything except some minor sweeping. I've been doing yard work):

Here you can see the hot water heater that will be going bye-bye and the wall that will be knocked out:
Kind of creeped out that all of these spider webs were only an 1/8 of an inch away from me being seperated only by fiberglass while I was taking a shower. Eweeeeeee.

So, hopefully I will actually be able to SLEEP, knowing that this is what our bathroom looks like: We only have time to work on it during the weekends, and not even really then because Jerad works most weekends and takes a 6 hour welding class on Saturdays... but, I am NOT used to having to share MY bathroom with him so we need to go back to having 2 bathrooms soon! I am not a "his and hers" sinks person, I am a "don't touch my stuff, or leave Larry the Cable Guy books in my bathroom" person." Or wipe your hand all over the condensation on my mirror. Or leave globs of tooth paste in my sink. Or leave the empty toilet paper roll on the floor. Hmm, Don't get me started. Anyways, so far it has worked out well that we each have our OWN bathroom and mine is the one that guests also use... this could get ugly...

To be fair after flipping out the past few days about having to share my bathroom, and having a minor meltdown when I went in the bathroom today and he had wiped his hand all over the mirror to clear off the steam from the shower (do guys not understand that when you do that it dries looking like crap?) Jerad was sweet enough to make the bed before leaving for work... without being asked. That NEVER happens. Thanks babe! One day hopefully soon, I'll learn to share...

Next Saturday and Sunday night we hope to tear out the floor and walls, tear out the hot water heater, install a new tankless hot water heater and vent on another wall in the laundry room, and take out the wall that the hot water heater was on. HOPEFULLY we can also re frame the new wall and put up the drywall. Yeah I know... me and my high hopes. I do have a week to think of a good enough bribe....

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AGSoccerMom said...

Cool. Can't wait to see it finished.