Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And there was much rejoicing...

We have hot water as of 10:05 last night... yeay!!!! I had my doubts... we got out of our History final at about 8, and Jerad didn't get home from Home Depot until almost 9... so I was prepared for another freezing shower. Nope, he is the bee's knees. Yes, I did just say that. AND, I have a working stove again!!! Because lordy lordy, I can not function without one. I can live without the oven, but not the stove top... and I am an idiot. Let me explain. Beth left me this comment:

"Also... hopefully this wont be helpful advice because you'll be hot water/gas functional by the time you read this, BUT. Tyson's parents remodeled their kitchen, and they set up this TOTALLY CUTE little picnic area on their back porch for a week or so that was a coleman stove and a lantern and a stack of paper plates and drinking water... just a thought."

Um, I think we stock more Coleman stoves than Walmart does... no joke. We have a few 3 burner ones even. AND we have one with an automatic ignition... as in, you dont even need matches to light it. Man, hind sight is 20/20. I will def remember this if we ever remodel our kitchen!

The only thing that isn't hooked back up yet is the dryer. I think he still has to go back under the house for that one. Man oh man do I need to wash Laundry. Its bad. Besides the obvious problems with not being able to wash clothes, it is creating other problems for me as well. I like to dress down at work. I normally wear yoga pants or sweat pants, a tee shirt or tank top, cardigan, and flip flops. I don't usually do anything that special with my hair, a quick blow dry and finger fix, then some moisturizer and mascara. I have set the bar low... no one expects very much... some times I will wear jeans and a cute top, if I have a meeting or a rep is visiting but rarely.

Well, now that I literally have nothing clean, I have had to resort to dresses. Dresses require cute shoes. Accessories look good with cute shoes. Its silly to wear accessories then boring makeup, so a little eye shadow at least... if I'm wearing makeup I need to at least fix my hair. Ooh, perfume, okay! WTF. This has not gone unnoticed. I came back from the weekend with a new haircut and seemingly new wardrobe. Great. Now I can't regress. I should have just gone to the 24 hour laundry mat, or a friend's house... or Goodwill.... of wore the dirty clothes... if I wore the dirty clothes at least I could have only raised the bar from that point.

The dryer should be finished tonight no problem. If it is going to be a problem he will hook it up temporarily so I can get through at least some of the mountain of laundry that is daunting me.

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