Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day, Jerad and I took his parents out out to brunch (go Touch of Paso!) then to see "What Happens in Vegas." After that, we met up with his sister Jill, my sister Melinda, my mom Michelle, my sister's mother in law Denise, and her sister in law Nicol.

The day before Melinda, Nicole, Addy and I spent 8 hours making a set of handmade cards and envelopes for each mom. This is what we came up with:





Family pics, awe, how cute is everyone?!?

After that we kicked out Addy and the dads and got down to the serious business of wine tasting. First we went to Cass.
Okay, see that star? Jerad and I made it two years ago when we went Wine tasting for Jill's 21st b-day... I feel famous...

Then we went to Penman Springs. You can tell which families are the "puzzle people." Also they offered to let Jerad and I get married there and Rosie said her and her hubby would cater it. Haha I guess thats what we get for going there like every other weekend... Then Beth (the owner) went on a tirade about marriage counciling that put a damper on the mood... ANYWAYS, I really really really love this winery. I have soo many Penman Springs wines and they are all good. And I love love love their tasting room.

We finished up with Tobin as usual. I found out one of my neighbors works in the tasting room!

Happy Mother's Day mom's, I love you all and had ton's of fun.


Beth McDermott said...

um.... you look wayyyyy tiny in the mother's day pics, and by tiny i mean HOT. id totally hit it. ;)
looks like FUN FUN FUN FUN.
i think next year ill get my moms sloshed. ha.

Steph said...

thanks, I wouldn't kick you out of bed either:)

oh ya, I love mother's day wine tasting. we did it last year too and definitely were feeling the love... I think I posted a blog, I don't remember...

Melinda said...

Listen you *little* lesbian lovers, you know the moms are totally gonna read this blog AND your comments, right? That having been said, you are both looking rather foxy lately.