Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Shower

Last Saturday was Jill's baby shower (the one that I threw). It was alot of fun... any excuse for pink right? Thank you so much Melinda for letting me invade your house and helping with the set up and thank you soooo much Beth for rounding up so much stuff, last minute trips to the store, everything you bought, and the hours of prep you helped with also. Thank you thank you!!!
And the pics:

For the first game, everyone had to go through their purse and see who had the most things on the list... because everyone knows how much crap mom's have in their purses. Jill won! Good job:) The little pile in front of her is everything she had on the list.

Next everyone had to look at and feel 8 different powders and guess which was which. I think we had meringue, flour, corn starch, baby powder, baking powder, vanilla pudding mix, pancake mix, and more more that I'm forgetting...

Next we had a game that was like a double baby hot potato juggle. Everyone held 2 DOLLS and had to rock them at least three times before passing them to the next person. If the music stopped and they were holding them, they were out.

After that we played a game to practice multi-tasking with twins. Everyone had to hold both babies and fold two towels and then find a phone number in the phone book. The fastest person would win. Jill folded those towels in seriously like 10 seconds, the problem was I picked a church for the phone number not knowing that they are organized really weirdly in the phone book; alphabetical by denomination. So finding the phone numbers slowed everyone down a bunch.

For our last game we headed outside for a relay. The guests were divided into 2 teams and each person had to undress the baby (onsie and socks), take off its cloth diaper, powder its bottom, put the diaper back on and pin it, redress, and swaddle. The fastest team won.

I completely ran out of time to decorate the cake... again... but it was yummy.
Everyone was obsessed with the babies.

The gifts:

Little booties that Lucy, Jill's mom, made:

The diaper cakes I made. The roses are made from coffee filters.
Me and Jill:

Ahhh I can't wait to see the babies!!! Soon :)


Jillian said...

that was super fun! I really enjoyed the games and company. I just have to say I look huge in those last two pics with you...I guess I really am starting to show ;) I honestly don't feel that huge...

Beth McDermott said...

SOOO much fun... lets start a party planning business. And charge by the hour! You can be the boss... ;)
Those booties are freaking adorable.
Im sad I missed the other games, they looked so fun!
Little Addy is adorable, by the way. I like her lots. Such a little woman!

Steph said...

jill, yes you are definitely showing, in a cute, you look preggo way... i think jerad just took those pics at a weird angle because look at my feet/calves. they are like tiny little pegs about to break off. and look at the size of your hand compared to mine, its def just jerad's weird photo taking.

yes addy is getting big. its weird. the end.