Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life is improving

I have a floor in the laundry room again, yeay!!! Its just plywood, but I can walk on it and the washer and dryer are back and hooked up (correctly, no more garden hose in the window). The floor isn't finished but already it feels stronger than the old floor. It is nice not having to walk the dogs all the way around the front to let them into the house. There is no floor in what will be the bathroom yet, but there will be soon.

I have been taking my anti depression/anxiety meds for 2 weeks now and am really noticing a difference. I am not snapping and freaking about about little things anymore. I feel so much calmer. Also I am functioning so much better at work and at home. I had started feeling overwhelmed and I am just handling things so much better. I have also been on the thyroid meds for 2 weeks now and am noticing how much more energy I have! That and how much easier it is to sleep. It never takes me more than 10 minutes to fall asleep (as opposed to an hour) and when I wake up, even if I only had a few hours I feel totally rested. Life is good....

Something is also going on with Jerad. It's like he has been bitten by a responsible bug. Yesterday he not only had his co worker come over and check out what it would take to move our air conditioning, and schedules him to come over on Thursday, he also called and added his non-oped truck to his insurance, called DMV in Sacramento to register it so that by the weekend he could take all the crap that has been sitting in our driveway driving me CRAZY that has been torn out of the bathroom and laundry room to the landfill. Yes, our driveway does have a toilet in it. His truck bed is so huge it would take at least 4 loads in a regular truck to haul the same amount of stuff, and we have at least 2 loads in his truck. Before he did all this he also called and checked the balances in the bank accounts and transferred the money that he needed. I didn't ask or tell him to do ANY of this. I still can't get over it.

After he tells me all this and I am just about ready to pass out, he tells me that after work I need to ruch home and get all dolled up because we are going on some surprise date in SLO. All I know is I am supposed to wear a dress, it starts at 8, and we are having a nice dinner first, and probably wont be home till midnight or so. I thought maybe he accidentally poisoned my dog and was making up for it, but I checked and all the pets are fine. WTF? I hope this new Jerad lasts for awhile cause I am digging it. I'll take pics and update you tomorrow!

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Beth McDermott said...

if you see that little responsible bug hiding under any of your floorboards, do me a favor before you patch the hole and catch it and let it loose in my house....
sososososo glad things are lookin up. if i liked you this much when your down... imagine the havoc we can wreke when youre in your prime! bwa-hahahahah. look out, jerad and tyson!
(give me some uppers too?)