Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More House Stuff

Okay, I stopped being lazy and plugged my computer in to upload some pics. Too bad there is nothing really interesting. First of all, since the flooring was up, Jerad decided we should move the compressor for our air conditioner. It is in a really awkward place, and when we re landscape the back yard, we are planning on putting a gate for the dogs right there so it would be nice not to have to walk around it. Larry was oh so nice as to help make a new slab:

So, later we will take out the section where it used to be, and pour a new section of sidewalk.

You can't really see it now (thats the idea) but its over on the dog run on the side. And just to clarify, right now our whole back yard is a "dog run." Hence why it looks like it does.

Also this weekend we built a new, taller, level, non flimsy fence. And we dont have to look into the neighbors yards anymore. Niiiiice:

the old fence was the height of the boards Jerad's hands are resting on. The new one is the height of the string at the top of his head. MUCH better and way more Bailey proof.

Hmm what else? The electrical is all but done in the bathroom, and they are working hard on the plumbing. Jerad has his brother on board now so things are moving along faster. After breaking 2 sawzal and a bansaw blade they were finally able to use an angle-grinder to cut through the cast iron drain. Damn old house. HOPEFULLY they will finish the plumbing tonight which means they can finish laying the floor tomorrow! I am paranoid spiders are going to start migrating in... every day when I am out watering I notice more and more and I know sooner or later they are going to figure out they can just walz right on in and munch on me as I sleep.

Here are a few pics since the wall has been framed and they have started on the electrical. Jerad forgot which way the door was going to be opening so he had to cut out a spot for the light switch box. Oops. I wont mention it hehe.

Also I went and picked out a toilet... since there is no bathroom floor to put it on, for some reason it ended up in the living room? Classy no? Hmm, I'm thinking I should maybe move it to a not so visible room... or set it in our other bathroom across from the real toilet to confuse people and tape the lid down or something. The possibilities are endless...


Beth McDermott said...

wow... nobody could ever accuse you 2 of being lazy! looks like its commin along. are we having a party when its all over?

Steph said...

Yes!!! that is my goal. after the bathroom/laundryroom is the big fancy fence then the rest of the other fence, then the back yard, side yard, dog area and patio and I am hope hope hoping it is all done my my birthday and we will have a lil party then! its even on a saturday this year. if everything goes terribly wrong there is jerads b-day a month and a half later:)