Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Cleaner Bill of Health...

I had another doctor's appointment today. My thyroid levels all looked really good, my heart sounded good, and my potassium levels were better. Still not good... but better. Which is probably why I have been feeling stronger lately. The only bad news were my lungs sounded horrible. Its probably from all the construction dust and the recent fires. I had asthma as a kid and since we started the construction I've had to use an inhaler again. Mmmhmm, because I'm a cool kid. It should clear up.

Okay, they best part. The dreaded weigh in. 127 pounds!!! Yesssssss. I was floored. Especially cause everyone knows that doctor's scales always measure you heavier than you are. So really, I'm probably about 120. Just kidding, I am MORE than happy with 127. Getting my thyroid working right is one reason I'm loosing weight. Also obviously the Curves helped. Then there were the few weeks I was so sick and weak I couldn't eat. Then I switched to nothing but organic meat and dairy, and probably 90% organic fruit and veggies, and cut out most refined and processed foods, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated oils, and saturated fats. I'm talking about at home. I don't get all weird when we eat out or at someone's house (which isn't often since we are chained to the remodel lately).

On my last blood test they also tested for Reverse T3 and I had very high levels. Basically this means that my body produces a hormone that destroys my thyroid. Go body. Between that and it refusing to absorb the Potassium, I think we need to have a little talk. My next appointment is in 8 weeks. Right before my b-day. Yeay!!!

After my appointment, we went to Jerad's eye appointment. He finally got a new contact prescription and can see again. Yeay! I kept telling him to ask for some of the free samples that they were advertising all over the office but he was too scared to or something. So I did it for him. Contacts are so freakin expensive, I thought a few free pairs would be nice and besides, he has only ever tried one kind so maybe he would like another better. They had all sorts of one day samples and they give you a whole week's worth. Score!

We had a fun time going together. I think this is the only time he has been to the doctor with me since... hmm, I don't even remember when. Anyways, since I go so often now at least he knows where my doctor's office is and that I'm not faking it or something. Then to celebrate my weightloss we went and pigged out at the Pita Pit. Man I love that place.

Tonight we packed up a bunch of stuff for a garage sale this weekend. Getting rid of stuff makes me feel soooo good. I am wishing, hoping, praying to get enough money to get a 42" LCD wall mount TV to replace the old 27" one that is on the huge coffee table taking up most of our living room. I would be more than happy with a 32" and Jerad wants a 52" so 42 is the compromise. I just hate it when huge TV's are the focal point of living rooms. I buy art and nice furniture for that. I think its a guy thing.

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