Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thursday after I got off work I decided to just stop whining and be proactive and sign up for prenatal yoga already. I called my littlest sister who offered to babysit on the condition that I bought pizza and breadsticks and just went for it.I picked up Marshall from the Nanny, then my sister from school and we went to the Children's Museum until they closed. When we got home she played with Marshall while I made his dinner and got ready for yoga. At the last minute I started second guessing myself and thinking that what I really wanted more than anything was some SLEEP so I should take advantage of having a babysitter and just get in a nap:) Somehow I drug myself to Yoga and it was soo worth it.

I need to make time to do stuff like this for myself.

I ended up signing up for 5 classes and will just work out the babysittage as needed. Since they break for Thanksgiving, 5 classes will take me right through 38 weeks.

Friday it was raining so we spent the morning shuffling the dogs inside and outside, and trying not to go too stir crazy. Once it cleared up I took Marshall to the park to get his crazies out and have lunch:

Friday night even though Jerad is out of town I decided I'd make us a respectable dinner.  Normally when Jerad is gone I tend to slack on dinners because it can be hard to cook when its just me and Marsh. Sometimes everything goes perfectly and he'll play quietly (or not so quietly) with pots and pans or even "help me." And sometimes he melts down and needs to be held RIGHT THIS SECOND and I'm trying to juggle him and whatever I'm trying to make and dinner ends up a flop and we're all overtired and ready for bed at the end.

So... usually I make him something easy and fast for dinner (baked chicken/fish, steamed veggies w/ coconut oil, yogurt with some berries on top), then I'll eat leaftovers or make a salad after he goes to sleep.

Anyways, I made brown rice pasta and pureed a bunch of vegetables (onions, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini) to mix into the homemade tomato sauce. I also marinated and grilled asparagus and yellow squash (this is one of Marshall's favorite meals).

Clouds parted, birds sang, and Marshall played with his trucks happily while I made dinner, coming into the kitchen only once to ask for some "wa-wa."

When dinner was ready I set the table for both of us (as opposed to eating on the living room floor like we usually do when its just the 2 of us)... and... he wanted nothing to do with it. At all. He ended up eating 3 raisins and half a banana and calling it a night.

Then I looked around the kitchen at all the dirty dishes and remembered why cooking for just me and a toddler is a waste of time.

Saturday I decided it was time for another haircut. Man his hair grows fast, we just had it cut 2 months ago!





after. so handsome!
I kind of am in love with the kids salon. He likes sitting in the car chair and doesn't mind having his hair cut, so I get to relax. Win-win. I bring a magazine and starbucks and tell the stylist to take her time:)

After the salon we went to the Children's Museum. We pretty much live there these days.

After his afternoon nap the sun was again peeking out so we ventured out to the sports fields near our house. There's a ton of space for Marshall to run and run and he loves it. I bring a blanket and a book and plop down in the middle of the fields and he just goes crazy running and rolling and being a boy.

Sunday we got to "sleep in" a little thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Way back on Thursday I'd started moving naps and bedtime back in 15 min increments so Marshall didn't even notice. Just seeing the clock say 7 when I knew it really felt like 8 was heavenly to me though.

Marshall watched TV (shame, I know) while I made scrambled eggs and cornmeal pancakes. I even ground the cornmeal myself thankyouverymuch! Or "thank you Vitamix" I should say. I topped them with blueberries and honey for me, and blueberries and coconut oil for him.

After breakfast I let Marshall play in the shower in our bathroom while I folded laundry on the floor. Have I mentioned how amazing it is having a large bathroom? He played in the water for about 30 minutes, singing, talking, rolling round shampoo bottles, then he discovered that he could blow raspberries on the doors. Hilarious.

That afternoon we went to my sister and her hubby's house (Auntie M/Uncle Lars) for lunch and then they watched Marshall for an hour or so which enabled me to run a bunch of errands and not have to load/unload baby at each stop.

After Marshall went to sleep I finished watching season 5 of Army Wives. Jerad is gone until Thursdayish so I really need another show suggestion! My sister is trying to get me to watch American Horror Stories but I don't know if I'm brave enough to watch it all on my own... so maybe something a little more "chick-flicky?"

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