Thursday, November 3, 2011

33 Weeks

33 weeks. 33 weeks! As in I'll be "full term" in 4 short weeks. Oh dear. I know no matter what it will work out, but I am hoping this baby stays put until his due date of Dec 22nd. If its much earlier than that its going to seriously tweak our holiday plans... and Jerad could even miss the birth. Also I absolutely refuse to give birth on Christmas Eve or Day so I'll be holding him in until at least the 26th.

Did you hear that baby Miller? You may arrive between Dec 19th and the 23rd, or the 26th-31st. If you must you can come in January I suppose.

(Who want's to bet karma bites me in the ass later?)

For a comparison here I was at 33 weeks with Marshall:

Its hard to tell since the outfits and camera angles are so different, but it looks like I'm carrying lower and a little more forward?

This time last pregnancy I was STRESSING about my weight gain and body changes. I mentioned that I was already up 25 pounds... that was 25 heavily adjusted pounds. As in... I just couldn't face the real number. I had worked so hard to loose weight the few years previous to getting knocked up, and had kept it off, that once the scale started creeping it really hit me hard. I was very careful with what I was eating, still tracking calories, and exercising... yet the weight still crept up and up. Some of my friends that were pregnant at the same time would post blogs about the 4 donuts and quart of OJ they had for breakfast, constant fast food, midnight snacks and oh yeah, they were now up 15 pounds.

Wa wa waaaaaa.

This pregnancy I started off 15 pounds heavier and am up 30 (non adjusted:) pounds and don't really care. I've only weighed myself twice because I don't want to obsess about it, and am comfortable with the fact that I'm probably just one of those people who gain a lot during pregnancy.Then again, I'm sure it does help that I've gained so much less this time. I think its also different this pregnancy because I realize just how much bigger I am going to get in the next 7ish weeks so its pointless to stress about it now.

I feel like I'm much more sore and achy than I was at this point with Marshall. Then again last time by 33 weeks I was getting prenatal massages, going to the chiropractor, in a pre-natal yoga class, able to rest and take naps on my days off and not having to keep up with an active 18 month old toddler. All of which I'm sure helped. Maybe once Jerad gets back from Georgia I'll schedule a "me" day of pampering.

Overall I feel really good though and don't have any major complaints. This pregnancy has just flown by! I am excited because these last 2 months of being pregnant are going to be so fun filled.

Our calendar is packed packed packed but its all awesome stuff like a baby shower, parades, gingerbread house and ornament making, and lots and lots of holiday parties. Its our first year in the new house! Basically we have something amazing to look forward to every weekend in November and December and then get to welcome a new baby. Yes Please!

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