Friday, November 4, 2011

18 months

Well Marshall just turned 18 months old. Just seeing that typed out is weird. I mean, what happened to my little bay-beeee? At this rate he'll be driving soon.

I'm loving the toddler stage so far. Its so nice that he's able to communicate with us! He'll hold our hands and lead us over to things he wants us to see or do (adorable). Every day he's saying new words, I can't even keep track. Sometimes he'll be saying something over and over for a few days and all of a sudden he'll use it in context and we'll be like "oh, that's what he was saying!"

A few days ago he knocked off a pair of earings I had on the table and said "uh-oh, ear-igg." Yesterday he was reading a book and pointed at and said "tuttle" (turtle) and "snay" (snake) which I had no idea he knew. This morning when I was getting him dressed he gave me a hug and started kind of swaying me back and forth saying "snuggles. awe, snuggles." He also held up a book and said just as clear as can be "read a book?"

I think he's up to about 50-60 words now but I've kind of lost track.

When I ask him things like if he's ready for a bath, drink, to eat, to go outside, snuggles etc. he shakes his head "no" if he's not. Sometimes he'll shake his head "yes" but usually he'll just start walking in the right direction.

If we're home and he wants a drink he'll go open the dishwasher, climb onto the door, grab a glass from the top rack, and hold it up saying "wawa?"

His new favorite game to play with me is holding my hand, walking me to the living room, then saying "fass! fass! fass!" (meaning fast! fast! fast!) while we run back and forth. I've been trying to talk him into letting me sit down and watch him run by himself but so far he's not going for it.

He can take off his shoes, socks, and (most) pants by himself as well as his shirt once we help him get his arms out. He can hold and drink out of a regular glass without spilling, but once he's not thirsty anymore he likes to dump the water on the floor to play with so we still have to keep an eye on him. He's pretty good with a fork, but usually prefers to use his fingers.

Right now he is working on 4 eye teeth (I think, it's hard to check) to go with the 4 molars that came in last month.

For the most part he is so calm and independent. He will sit for 20, 30, 40 minutes looking through books or playing with puzzles and blocks by himself. When its nap time and bedtime he'll easily go into his room, play for a few minutes, then lay down and go to bed without a fuss. However, sometimes he just wants to go! go! go! He is also fearless:


It's so fun seeing him grow, and learn, and his personality develop more and more. I can't wait to see what the next 18 months brings!

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