Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Lazy Day would be lovely

I think my cat Tobee has the right idea today. It seriously feels like a wear pj's, stay in bed and do nothing sort of day. Unfortunately, even if I could magically talk Marshall into that plan (har har), it means we'd have an up all night sort of night so... I'm finishing getting ready and packing our bags for an afternoon at the Children's Museum, park, and maybe even a hair cut for him.

He slept for 12 hours straight through the night (please Lord let this be the new habit for awhile!), and we had a semi lazy morning so I guess I owe him some fun this afternoon right? Jerad should be back by next weekend, and besides having our family photos done we have minimal plans so I'm planning on catching up on rest and sleep. Just 7 days to count down!

Until then I'll just envy the cat.

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