Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Dear. Bad Wifey.

Last night I went to bed so excited for today. It was going to be wonderful! I went to bed before 9 so I knew I'd be well rested. Thursday is my "Friday" and I leave work between 2 and 3 so I have time to do something fun with Marshall. Thursday nights I'm taking a prenatal yoga class. Jerad called me and had me book his and the guy's return flights from Georgia! They've been gone 10 days and were finally finished and coming home! They were going to fly into LAX at 1:30ish so he'd be in time for me to get to see him, have dinner together, and watch Marshall while I went to yoga.Plus I found an awesome deal on airline tickets; only $168 ea. to fly from Atlanta to LAX!

Instead today has sucked. Ass. Majorly.

Jerad called me this morning right after I got to work to let me know that they were at the airport. And couldn't fly out because the tickets I bought were for November 24th. As in, 2 weeks from now.


And there is a $180/ticket change fee (as in more than the price of the original tickets). And all today's flights were at least $200 more expensive.

I feel like Such An Idiot! How freakin' hard is it to click on the right calendar day????

Luckily I'm not married to the kind of guy who will blame me (at least out loud). He was able to sweet talk the Orbitz guy into refunding the tickets so that's good at least. Right now they are all stranded in the Atlanta airport trying to figure out a way to get back home. Instead of it being $500ish for the three of them, its going to be over $1200. Apparently its really cheap to fly in Thanksgiving when I booked the tickets for, just so you know.

Hopefully he gets it worked out and they still manage to make it home tonight. Especially since they don't have a hotel room or rental car anymore.

Anyone need some help planning a trip, I'm apparently AWESOME at it. Just saying.

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