Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well I've finally recovered enough from the weekend to write about it:)

Thursday I had a 1pm Midwife apt and Marshall had his 18 month Well Baby Visit right after so Jerad decided to take the day off of work and babysit, then pick me up and go with us to our appointments. Everything was normal with me, and Marshall is 24lbs and 31inches. I don't remember the percentiles but they were both between 10th and 25th. So he's smallish, but not freakishly small.

In the afternoon we played in the backyard:

Friday Jerad worked and I had a chiropractor appointment that I took Marshall with me to. He kept climbing up on the table to sit on my back and really wanted to "help" with the adjustments. All in all it wasn't the most relaxing/enjoyable appointment I've had, but he sure is funny. Also, my pelvis and tail bone are pretty messed up which explains a lot of the aches and pain I've been having.

That night we decided to rent a carpet cleaner and clean the downstairs carpets. I think carpet is just about the grossest thing in the world, and it had been awhile since the previous owners had cleaned theirs so its been on our to-do list for awhile.

We had been going back and forth about doing it ourselves, or hiring someone and decided it was just way more cost effective to do it ourselves. Jerad saw a Rug Dr. infomercial and got all inspired by how awesome they are so he volunteered. I'll take it!

I never feel like our house is that big until its time to clean the windows, or baseboards... or carpets. Man! We started around 8pm, I gave up around 10pm, and Jerad finished sometime around 1am. We pretreated every spot, completely moved all of the furniture, and went really slowly doing the heavy traffic areas twice. Considering the carpets are almost 10 years old they came out really well!

We got up at 6am Saturday morning to do the upstairs so that it'd be dry by naptime. It went much faster since there wasn't as much furniture to move and the carpet was in better shape. Marshall helped:


He was so focused. Hilarious.

My mom picked me up at 9am and we went out to breakfast, then picked up my sister Melinda and got manicures and pedicures. So pampered:) Also I now understand why most women regularly get them. Sign me up please.

Saturday evening Jerad's parents came over and we all made Christmas ornaments, had dinner, and watched a movie. Well.... they watched the movie and I fell asleep on the couch. Its going to be our new "tradition." These are the ones Jerad and I made:


I think we made about 8 all together. Adorable right? We're going to make some more and this is what we're giving as Christmas gifts this year to family (so act surprised if you read this) along with pictures of Marshall.

Sunday Jerad's family threw me a baby shower! Oh my gosh, everything was so cute and we got so many adorable things. I'll do a seperate post just about that.

Monday morning Jerad had to leave for a job in Pasedena. When we woke up at 5:30 I was soooo close to calling out to work, packing up the baby and going with him. He was planning on being back on Tuesday, so I would still have Wednesday at work to catch up before the holiday, we wouldn't have to pay the nanny for Tuesday, he wouldn't have to deal with renting a car (we're basically a one car family), he was the only one going so we'd have a hotel room all to ourselves, and he gets a per diem pay so our meals would all be "free." I had visions of me and Marshall spending the day by the hotel pool then us all going out to dinner at night. So, basically a little mini-vaycay. Jerad burst my bubble when he told me the hotel was pretty crappy and didn't have a pool... plus we'd have to get ready, and pack for me and Marshall in about 30 minutes for him to be able to make it to the Planning Department in time for his meeting. Rushing out the door, driving 5 hours then being cooped up in a hotel room with a toddler and no car didn't sound all that appealing to me so I sucked it up and went to work. Plus we'd have had to find someone to come take care of the dogs/cats and I didn't think anyone would appreciate  5:30am calls:)

Its Wednesday now and he still isn't back so I guess its good Marshall and I stayed home, we would definitely be going stir crazy being stuck in a hotel for so long and since my office is closed tomorrow and Friday I would have missed the whole week at work.

Yesterday I left in the middle of the day for a Chiro apt, plus I leave at 3 on Tuesdays now, then today they should be sending us home early, we're closed tomorrow, then always closed on Fridays so this has been a pretty cushy work week for me. I can't believe its already Thanksgiving tomorrow! This is the first year we aren't making at least 6 pies. I don't know what to do with myself.

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