Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Hi!

I've been pretty busy lately and blogging has definitely taken a back seat. We had a great Thanksgiving with Jerad's family. I of course didn't take a single picture. For the second year in a row. Basically there is no proof that we ever celebrate it.

Friday after Jerad worked for a few hours we went "black friday shopping" at about 6 different places and bought... a new garden hose (to fill the birth tub), and some kettle corn. Neither of which were on sale. Because we're wildly exciting like that. I did however order a new KING sized mattress which I am wildly excited about. Plus between a sale Sears was having, a coupon I had, and selling our sleeper sofa we got over $1200 dollars off and free delivery. Not too shabby! It's being delivered next Friday so we have a little over a week to build a bed frame so we're not sleeping with it on the floor a la college student style.

This is the bed frame that I want, but am too cheap to buy:

Just a simple farmhouse bed. But I'd like it in distressed white, with a little more detail. So Jerad is going to build it and some matching nightstands. Because he's handy and amazing like that.

Right before Marshall was born we bought a new, really nice, organic queen mattress. We wanted a king but it wouldn't fit in our bedroom at the time. Since our spare room in the new house just has an air mattress in it (we got rid of our spare room furniture when we turned the guest room into an office at the last house), we're going to put the queen in there and finally have a big bed! Which is good... its amazing how much room an 8 lb. infant can somehow take up. Plus we'll have a respectable guest room again.

Jerad left at 3am Saturday morning to finish up the project in Georgia. He is supposed to be getting back tomorrow, which is perfect timing because I'll be full term then! He has pretty much been paranoid that I'm going to go into labor while he's gone and keeps telling me to rest and not do anything. It's like he's never met me:) I have tried to take it easier... but lets be honest, with a toddler, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a huge house to take care of its not like I can just lay around. Also I think if I just let all the housework slide I'll be more stressed out and likely to go into labor than if I make the effort to keep things tidy and clean.

While he's gone we have been playing with lots of trucks and tractors:

And I finished washing and sorting all of Miller's clothes and diapers. Marshall is still obsessed with the crib and all Miller's toys. Its pretty cute:)


Its also pretty convenient because he'll happily play in there for an hour while I work on the nursery. He still calls the crib a "night night box." Little weirdo.

I finally ordered the rest of the birth supplies, some post partum stuff, then some fun stuff like a few more things from our baby registry. Everything should be arriving today and tomorrow (gotta love Amazon's free 2 day shipping!). I also just about finished our Christmas shopping, so there's nothing really left to do before the baby comes. 
Hint hint, come soon Miller.

We had dinner one night at my mom's house and she gave Marshall his Christmas present early:

Yeah, he's in little boy heaven. I'm worried we're going to have to buy one too or he will want to go move in with my parents. 

Well, its time to wake up the toddler and head to SLO for my 37 week midwife apt and perhaps a little shopping. If Jerad does make it back tomorrow we are going to have an amazing weekend filled with Holiday Cheer. There's our 4th annual Gingerbread House Making Extravaganza, a cookie exchange party, the Morro Bay lighted Boat Parade, and we're planning on picking out a Christmas Tree and getting our decorations up. Plus painting the guest room (hopefully), and building the new bedroom furniture. I'm also hoping to squeeze at least one nap in there cause after being a single mom all week I'm sort of running on empty. I either need a nap, of an actual caffeine IV which I'm thinking Miller might not appreciate.  If he doesn't make it back in time... I'll probably just call him and fake labor just so that he does come back. 


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