Friday, December 9, 2011

38 weeks

Well, we've made it to 38 weeks! As of Wednesday night Jerad is now back in town and shouldn't have an out of town job until after the new year (knock on wood). Yesterday (Thursday) was my last day at work and I am now officially on maternity leave! We picked up the birth tub at my midwife appointment yesterday, and we have the birth kit and supplies all together. Our freezer is stocked full with food and all the newborn clothes and diapers are washed and waiting.

I was actually pretty sure I was going into labor last night. I started losing my mucus plug in the evening, and Jerad and I got into bed around 10pm and were watching a movie when I started feeling super nauseated, kept having to go to the bathroom, was super emotional, and started having contractions that were much more crampy and painful than the braxton hicks I've been having for the last few months.  I threw a little pity party, cried, and said there was NO WAY I was having the baby right then. I want just a little time to relax, enjoy being a mom of 1 and a family of three... or at the very least I wanted ONE full night of sleep where I didn't have to wake up early for work and for us to not have to be running around in the middle of the night trying to set up and fill the birth tub and clean the house.

I had a glass of wine, took a warm bath, and listened to one of my Hypnobabies tracks (Fear Release) hoping to slow things down. Obviously I haven't had a baby yet so everything worked out!

With Marshall I started having contractions Sunday morning during brunch, labored all day, my water broke that night, I never went to sleep, labored all night and the next day, and had him at 8:30ish Monday night. I can't do that again starting off exhausted... with him I survived cause I'd been on maternity leave for 2.5 weeks sleeping and resting as needed. I definitely don't want to wait weeks and weeks... but just a few days would be nice:) I did get a good night's rest last night, the laundry and house caught up today, and we'll set up the birth tub tonight.

I feel like I'm in a good place mentally now, but one or two more days would be amazing so we have time to do a few fun Christmas things with Marshall (Winter Wonderland and Vine Street), decorate the 9 foot tree we picked up yesterday, and build the bed frame for the new King Size mattress that was just delivered.

All that said, Miller will probably end up hanging in there for a few weeks.

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