Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I birthed the same child twice

When Miller was born Jerad and I agreed he looked nothing like Marshall. Apparently we just had amnesia.

Marshall at birth. 8lbs, 3 ounces. 19.5 inches, 14.5 inch head.

Miller at birth. 8lbs even. 19.25 inches, 14 inch head.
Marshall at 1 week

Miller at 1 week

Pretty similar right? Its crazy that they were both almost exactly the same size! I know every parent says this, but I'm convinced we make the cutest kids in the world... or at least they'd both make it to the top ten list:)


Misguided mommy said...

They look totally different. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

liz oelker said...

I think the one difference are the lips. Marshall has the most unique lips. Besides that they look so much alike. Excited to see what Miller grows up to look like :) Definitely cutie pies!