Monday, December 12, 2011

Things Marshall has been up to lately

Apparently my body didn't get the memo that I'm now on Maternity Leave and don't have to get up at 5:30 am.... SO here is a list of things Marshall has been doing the past month or so that I keep forgetting to jot down:

- Blowing bubbles in the bath. He is obsessed with putting his mouth in the bath water and blowing bubbles. He knows not to breathe in the water and never chokes.

- Laying on his stomach and "swimming" in the bath. He thinks this is pretty hilarious. He'll lay on his stomach, hold himself up with his hands, and pull himself all around the tub.

- Putting his face under the water in the bath. This one is a little nerve wracking for me, but he loves holding his breath and submerging his face for a few seconds at a time. I'll bet he's swimming this next summer!

- Counting to three un-prompted. He's been counting to two for awhile, and finally added a "tree." Usually counting precedes jumping off of furniture.

- Jumping off of furniture. He is quite the little spider monkey. He love love loves to jump and climb and has really good balance. He likes to climb up on the couches, stand up on the arms or the couches, count to three, then jump onto the couch.

- Making towers. He can stack blocks, or anything stack-able really high before it falls over. If it does fall over he'll quickly knock down anything remaining and yell "oh-oh."

- Throwing things in the trash if we ask him to (also throws non trash items in the trash without being asked).

- Taking off most pants, socks, shoes, and some jackets.

- Calling our pets by their names instead of just "kitty" or "doggie."

- Putting together puzzles and shape sorters. He's finally interested in putting the puzzle pieces in the right places instead of just scattering them around:)

- Making lots of 2 and 3 word sentences.

- Currently obsessed with fans or anything that spins. To the point that its getting annoying:) He would happily be held up to the ceiling fan for hours at a time spinning the blades with his hands or turning it on and off. He starts talking about the fans as soon as he wakes up... and doesn't really stop all day. He loves spinning anything on the ground or table too.

- Using my iPhone. He can unlock it, scroll through the screens to find the apps he likes (one where you draw with your finger, Peekaboo barn, Angry Birds, Piano) open the app, and play it. He knows how to close the app and find another one. He knows how to fling the birds on Angry Birds... just doesn't understand how to aim them yet:) He also LOVES opening the camera app and scrolling through the pictures and videos (which are mostly of him) and talking about what is going on in the picture.

- Saying goodbye to everything. Whenever anyone leaves as soon as they walk out the door he'll say "bye-bye daddy," or "bye-bye" whatever their name is if its one he knows. When we get out of the bath its "bye-bye water." When we're done reading its "bye-bye book." When we (I) get sick of playing with the fan "bye bye fan." Sometimes if he's doing something that he's really into and I have to move him for whatever reason (time to go, bedtime, etc) he'll say it in a SUPER sad voice and like he is holding back tears which is both adorable and kind of heartbreaking. 

I'm sure there's a bunch more... but I think my body is more awake than my brain so that's all I have for now.

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Lawrence Hart said...

Yesterday he played with that stand up fan in the garage for hours.