Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the Road Again

Random pic of Marshall pretending to be a big kid at a restaurant.  Also, didn't I just get his hair cut like 5 minutes ago? STOP GROWING!

Jerad left at 3:45am this morning to drive to LAX and fly to Georgia for a 1-2 week project. Yes, GEORGIA, that state way over on the opposite coast.

As much as I'm not looking forward to being a solo parent while pregnant and working full time, I am happy that this is finally happening. This job has been in the works for over a year now and keeps getting pushed back and back until it was looking like he might not be able to go... since I'll be having a baby in 7ish weeks and all. Supposedly he'll be gone for 1 or 2 weeks tops, then home for a week or 2, then go back for 1 or 2 weeks. Obviously he won't be traveling out of the state when it gets too close to my due date (maybe 37-38 weeks?) so this is cutting it really close.

The timing for this first part of the trip ended up working out perfectly. The next 2 weekends are literally the only that we have free from now until Christmas, so he's not missing anything. And making extra money right before Christmas and birthing another baby is always nice.

We'll see how this goes. For awhile Jerad was traveling so much that when he came home it felt like a wrench was being thrown into our well-oiled machine of a routine. For the last few weeks (months maybe?) he's been working almost exclusively local jobs or in the office and I've gotten spoiled. It feels like we have this whole juggling of working full time while parenting a toddler down to a science.

M-Wed the alarm goes off at 5:30am, Jerad lets out and feeds all the pets while I hop in the shower. When I get out of the shower I turn off Marshall's music and crack his door open so that he'll wake up gently instead of just going in and turning on the light. We both get ready for the day then one of us makes Marshall's morning green smoothie, breakfast for us, and packs lunches while the other one makes the bed and gets Marshall changed and ready. We load up, drop Marshall off at 6:45 at my mom's house, I get dropped off at work right before 7 (we're pretty much a one car family), and he goes to the office or jobsite right after 7. Since his office is one mile from our house, sometimes he'll go home on his lunch break and throw dinner in the crock pot or do some dinner prep depending on what we're having. He gets off at 5, picks Marshall up at 5:15, then me at 5:30. When we get home at 5:45ish one of us goes and feeds the dogs and cats who act like they havent been fed in years while the other one unloads the baby and car.

If Marshall is content to play alone or in the kitchen then he does that while we make dinner together, otherwise one of us will occupy him while the other cooks. After dinner we take Marsh and the dogs on a walk, then one of us does bath time while the other starts a load of laundry or diapers, repacks the diaper bag for the next day, and picks up toys and books. After Marshall goes to sleep we finally sit down and watch a show or work on any projects we have. If Jerad has more work to do he'll go back to the office after Marshall is asleep for a few hours. Before bed the kitchen gets cleaned, lunches are made for the next day, and the laundry/diapers are put in the dryer.

Thursdays we have a Nanny that comes to our house so we get to sleep in slightly later (15 minutes makes a BIG difference at 5:30 am!) I get off at 2:30 or 3 and take Marshall to the Children's Museum, a friend's house, or park until Jerad gets off at 5.

Then Friday-Sunday we are both off (although Jerad usually ends up working from home for a few hours on Friday morning) and work around the house, get groceries, and try to do at least one fun family thing a day like the beach, park, Avila Valley Barn, playdate, Children's Museum, or picnic.

So, clearly taking Jerad out of the equation makes things a little trickier for me... Especially on days when I work and we can't really deviate from the "routine." Not to mention he has pretty much taken over all night time parenting. Hmm. It'll work out, it always does. However this is the first time we'll be in completely different time zones.  Marshall has also been going through a HUGE 'Daddy Phase' so I'm hoping that doesn't work against me. I'm off in 15 minutes so I guess we'll see :)

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