Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Prepare for a photo overload. Okay, you've been warned! Also I'm glad my new iPhone takes decent pictures because I apparently forget my memory card for the camera everywhere we go.

Thursday after work we loaded up Marshall and his wagon and headed to SLO for the Munchkin March Parade.

We were running late, couldn't find parking, and there were so many people there we had to go waaaaaay down the street to get in the back of the line. Except we got the line backwards and actually ended up in the front of the line and next to someone we knew. Score:)

Notice the tail, adorbs:

After the march from the Children's Museum to the park we had some pizza and played on the playground:

For some reason Marshall thought hanging from this bar was super fun and wanted to do it over and over again:

Friday we spent the day working on the cars. Not fun, but productive I suppose. The Sorento was ready (ahem, 3,000 miles past 'ready') for an oil change and tire rotation and wash. It ends up being cheaper to have the oil changed at the dealer than for Jerad to do it so I took it there, then because I'm cheap instead of having the tires rotated and it washed at the same place I drove to the place where we bought the tires from since they do free rotations, and a car wash on the other end of town that I had a free coupon for.

Jerad spent the day working on his old '63 truck so that he can sell it. It has some fuel pump issue where it randomly dies plus a lot of other boring stuff that I started tuning out when he was trying to explain it. Its a nice truck with a lot of charm, but not really practical for us. He hates driving it (no heat or AC) and once Miller is born we won't all be able to fit in it.

Friday night Jerad's mom and sister came over to babysit and we finally got out to celebrate our anniversary! We went out to Thai Food and a movie. 

Saturday we went to a party at the Paso Children's Musuem (we are seriously getting our money's worth out of that membership!)

We did a few Halloween crafts:

Then realized that Marshall hadn't seen himself in his costume yet so we found a mirror:

He made a lot of funny faces and sounds. I wish I had a video. After that it was time for an impromptu concert:

Then ditched the hot costume and played around for awhile:

On Sunday I realized that we still hadn't gotten the obligatory "pumpkin patch" picture so we headed over to a local pumpkin farm

Marsh had a ball running through the fields:

Then he found this pumpkin and

I have no idea what was so special about THIS ONE, but he just kept saying "ooooh pumpkin" and hugging and kissing it. We were going to buy it (we still haven't got a carving pumpkin for Halloween) but realized that we left the house with no money. Whoops, parenting fail.

Since we didn't have any pumpkin money, and I really wanted a pic of him in a pile of pumpkins which this patch didn't have, we loaded up and headed to ANOTHER pumpkin farm:

Where we were able to get the obligatory pumpkin patch pic:

Tonight is Halloween and we had all sorts of plans involving dropping by grandparent's houses, friends, and a carnival... but I think we're scrapping them and going to roast a chicken at home, hand out candy to any trick or treaters we get, put Marshall to bed early and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie (or "moobie" as Marshall would say). He still doesn't "get" Halloween so we might as well take advantage of being able to relax:)

Tomorrow AM Jerad leaves bright and early for a 1-2 week job in Georgia. Yes, as in the state on the opposite coast.

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